How Earning Less Has Given Me More

My name is Joel Gibbs and I am the Partnership Development Director for the Pais Movement. Since leaving school my goal was always to make lots of money and live a comfortable life. I began as a hire-on with a leather company and within 8 months was offered a position to manage my own store. Being in a sales environment was highly motivating and I was driven by earning more and being able to buy whatever I wanted. I had a nice car and condo and lived in San Francisco. At a young age I’d accomplished more than I thought possible.  I should have been satisfied with my achievements but I found I wanted more. The dream of being in a high managerial position wasn’t all that I’d imagined it to be and money couldn’t provide the answers I was looking for. I became dissatisfied with my situation and decided to return back home. 

I was approached by the Financial Director of the Pais Movement and offered the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills gained through my sales experience to make an impact for His Kingdom. I felt that God was leading me in this direction. Now within my role at Pais I am able to impact lives through the Give a Life Mentor program. My focus has shifted from wanting to make lots of money for myself to raising funds that will make a significant difference in the lives of young people worldwide. I have learnt that life isn’t all about getting rich and succeeding in the secular world but being used by God to transform the lives of others. 

Whatever your focus is in life I challenge you to seek first the kingdom of God. I am now far more satisfied focusing on raising funds to impact the lives of others in the knowledge that God will provide the rest.

Joel Gibbs
Partnership Development Director
Pais Global