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Brian was on Pais as an apprentice, team leader and specialist director, he was mentored by former Kenya National Director, Armstrong Ochieng, who is now the African Director. Brian now leads Pais Kenya along with his wife, Jackline. They are passionate about spreading the Gospel in Africa and have been doing an outstanding job in their nation.

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Alex’s story

From the streets of Kenya to a flourishing ministry, watch the video about how Alex’s life drastically changed.

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Although Kenya is known as the country with the highest percentage of evangelical christians; the truth on the ground is that more and more christians are falling away from their faith. This, in essence, presents an opportunity to inspire a Missions & Discipleship move that would transform Kenya for Christ.

Kenya is the most developed country in East and Central Africa and so it is a huge influence in the region, which opens the door to bring people to Christ. Kenyans are generally very receptive to the Gospel, thus the need to raise many missionaries who can be sent to the rest of Africa to do Missions and Discipleship.


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