The National Day of Prayer for Schools 2023

Friday 29th September

For the 4th year running we are holding the National Day of Prayer for Schools. Our passion is that one day every school in the UK will have a Church that is praying for it and actively seeking to serve it! We recognize that whilst 95% of young people in the UK aren’t engaged in their local Church, 99% of young people are in mainstream education, so to shape the nation we need to learn how to serve schools!

The National Day of Prayer for Schools will begin with an early morning prayer Zoom from 7am-7.30am.

Look out for prayer prompts and videos throughout the day on the social media platforms of any of the partner organisations. #prayforschools #ndopfs

We would also encourage you to organize a prayer walk in your local community to speak life and blessing! Here’s an excellent resource to help you prayer walk from 24-7 Prayer Toolshed | The Prayer Course – The Prayer Course

On the evening of the 29th of September, we would encourage you to arrange an in-person or online prayer gathering to encourage local Christians to pray for schools in your community.

If you’re not in the UK then why not make the 29th of September a National Day of Prayer for Schools in your nation?

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Join our Zoom Prayer Meetings:

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