step 1: new concept

our distinctives

Our primary focus is to take people beyond simply attracting people to buildings and church programs to equipping them with templates to reach their communities.

step 2: new tools

This is accomplished by asking a question and providing a template to discover the answer.

New Evangelism Template

Question: Why do we spend so much time, energy and money on inviting people, when Jesus spent so much of His, getting Himself invited?
Answer: An Evangelism Template that trains people to reach anyone, anywhere.

New Discipleship Template

Question: Why do we educate people and hope they have an experience; when Jesus took people on an experience and educated them along the way?
Answer: A Discipleship Template that trains people to disciple anyone in anything.

New Bible Study Template

Question: Why do we teach people what to study; when Jesus taught people how to study?
Answer: A Study Template that trains people to study anything with anyone, anywhere.

New Internship Concept

Question: Why do we train interns in how to invite when Jesus trained His in how to get invited?
Answer: An apprenticeship that trains people to invite and be invited.

step 3: new proof

If the traditional proof of concept is our seating capacity we want to help our Church by demonstrating our new proof of concept which is our sending capacity.


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