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our vision

…is that one day the primary mission of every Christian will be to advance the Kingdom of God and be equipped to do it the way Jesus modeled it.

our process

…we are Kingdom Centric, Discipleship-led and Template-driven

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what is Pais?

Pais is a discipleship-led organization operating on six continents. We equip the local church to advance the Kingdom of God with new concepts, tools, and templates. We offer teams as a human catalyst to create partnerships between schools, community initiatives, businesses, and churches.

where are we

Why Schools?

It’s more powerful to get invited than be invited! Watch the video as Founder Paul Clayton Gibbs takes you around the world to meet some of our leaders and explain why we do what we do.

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the founder

Paul Clayton Gibbs founded the organization which has grown from being one single team pioneering a work in Manchester, England in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams and headquarters on six continents 25 years later.

Paul and Lynn Gibbs have two sons and two grandchildren. Originally from Manchester UK they live in Arlington Texas USA.

Paul and Lynn founded the Pais Movement in 1992 which now has teams and offices on five continents and almost 20 nations. Paul combines practical methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. He is an award-winning author and his books are a great way to gain insight into the thinking, practices and principles of Pais. Paul’s main role on Pais is to facilitate our vision, teach and mentor our National Directors.

Serving as Founder and Global Director of Pais, Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author of several books who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching.

He is the founder of the Masterclass Suite. If you’re interested in booking a masterclass click here.

25 Years ago Paul prayer walked across England. He’s doing it again!…thruhikeforschools.com

Paul loves sailing, swimming, surfing, hiking and of course Manchester United!


who we serve


Pais offers two main ways to serve churches:

  1. By providing full-time Pais apprentices for youth ministry, schools work and local church or business outreach.
  2. Training in our new tools for mission, discipleship and study.


Pais provides a team of 3-5 apprentices for an entire school year completely free of charge. Each week they are available to serve in school, connect with students as positive role models and emphasize school values.


Pais provides passionate apprentices that will grow in the areas of pioneering, leading young adults and evangelism. Apprentices will lead innovative Bible studies, organize outreach projects to university students and run local missions.


Pais provides Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs that work as an integral part of a business. In addition to running Pais programs for the employees and community outreaches, Pais apprentices lead innovative Bible studies and workshops.

what we believe