paul clayton gibbs

the founder

Paul Clayton Gibbs founded The Pais Movement, a non-profit organization which has grown from one pioneering team in Manchester, England in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams in over twenty nations and headquarters on six continents 30 years later.

Paul is known for mobilizing the many not just the few. Currently impacting six continents with his books, Masterclasses, consultancy and The Pais Movement, Paul has a slightly different perspective on things. He combines ancient methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. He is an award-winning author and his books provide handbooks with practical principle applications to help people build something good together in their world.
Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author of several books who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching.

Pais Movement
Paul’s main role as the Global Director is to facilitate vision, teach and mentor National Leaders.

Masterclass Suite
He is the Founder of the Masterclass Suite, a collection of interactive training events that provide both teaching and practical templates. Paul has travelled to every continent multiple times in order to help churches, businesses and organizations ‘mobilize the many not just the few’.

The suite includes the following Masterclasses:

Discipleship, Evangelism, Study, Kingdom, Culture and The Shapes Test®

Paul has authored seven books, many of which have been translated into several languages including German, Portuguese and Romanian.

The Shapes Test®
Paul’s latest work has been to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make themselves understood in order to build something good together. Based on a simple personality test which takes 2 minutes to complete, participants can discover their Shape and receive various connected teaching on the following topics:

Strengths, Weaknesses, Conflict, Stress, Goal-Setting, Change, Language, Motivation, Demotivation, Collaboration, and more.

The personality test itself is accompanied by a book, a journal, a Masterclass, and a developmental tool that can be used by churches, businesses and organizations.
It is a phenomenal resources to help couples, parents and leaders.

Paul has planted churches, repurposed churches and served as an associate minister with churches both in the UK and USA.

He has served a denomination as part of their National Youth Department.

He has written short courses for various Bible Colleges in both the USA and UK on various topics.

After leaving school, Paul received training in Retail Management and worked to build teams across Manchester UK for five years.

Other Facts
Paul has been married for 34 years, has two sons and two granddaughters.

Paul immigrated to the USA in 2005.

Paul is an avid fan of outdoor pursuits such as sailing, skiing, hiking and mountain biking.

25 years ago Paul prayer walked across England. In 2021 he did it again!

interview at TBN

During an interview in the UK, Paul Gibbs talked about Pais as a discipleship-led organization, as well as his book, The Shapes Test.

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The Shapes Test™

How to build something good together


MyShapes Journal

A companion to The Shapes Test™ Book



How to reach anyone anywhere



How to disciple anyone in anything



How to study anything with anyone


Kingdom Patterns

Discover God’s direction!


Kingdom Principles

Develop Godly character


Kingdom Pioneering

Fulfill God’s calling


masterclass suite


The Masterclasses are training events offering advanced Biblical perspectives, revolutionary templates and specific skills for discipleship, evangelism and Bible study.


Thru-Hike for Schools

Have you ever had a dream? A hope? A Vision? I have! In the mid-nineties, I walked across England to pray for its schools. What happened next shocked me! So 25 years later in May 2020… I’m doing it again.

Thru-Hike for Schools

Have you ever had a dream? A hope? A Vision? I have! In the mid-nineties, I walked across England to pray for its schools. What happened next shocked me! So 25+ years later… I did it again.

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