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Who we are
The Pais Movement is a global non-denominational organization that creates partnerships between schools, community projects, businesses and churches.
Paul Clayton Gibbs founded the organization which has grown from being one single team pioneering a work in Manchester in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams and headquarters on six continents.Its first team outside of Europe was launched in the U.S.A. in 2002. Over the next several years to present there have been teams planted in over 13 nations worldwide.

What we provide
Pais provides free apprenticeships in leadership including training, accommodation and meals. Multiple courses are available on 6 continents, working with everything from youth to businesses. Qualification options in Applied Theology are also available. Pais also provides worldwide resources and has launched various initiatives to promote what is known as its “three distinctives” in the area of mission, discipleship and study.

Who we serve

Churches: Pais offers two main ways to serve churches:

1. By providing full-time Pais apprentices for youth ministry, or local church or business outreach.
2. Training in our distinctive methods of mission, discipleship, study.

Schools: Pais provides a team of 3-5 apprentices for an entire school year completely free of charge. Each week they are available to serve the school, connecting with students as positive role models and emphasizing school values.

Colleges: Pais provides passionate apprentices that will grow in the areas of pioneering, leading adults and evangelism. Apprentices will lead innovative bible studies, organize outreach projects to university students and run local missions.

Businesses: Pais provides Kingdom minded entrepreneurs that work as an integral part of a business. In addition to running Pais programs for the employees and community outreaches, Pais apprentices lead innovative Bible studies and workshops.

Resources: By means of coaching, consultation and conferences Pais provide all the resources necessary to implement effective strategies in our 3 distinctives. Through books, podcasts, videos and mentoring, Pais advises on the principles necessary to grow the church and increase its effectiveness within the church community.

Pais is an international faith based organization and our broad Faith statement allows us to work with many partners and church denominations.

The Distinctives

#1 MissionBeyond Attraction to Application

Our primary method of mission is to go with people and empower them in their communities.

Do we need to re-think our mission strategies?

For instance, are we really equipping the Saints for works of service or are we simply encouraging the Saints to populate our meetings? Is the Kingdom being advanced or merely maintained? At Pais, we have come to the conclusion that we do not need a new kind of program but a new kind of person. This is a nice soundbite, but what does that look like?

#2 DiscipleshipBeyond Education to Experience

Our primary method of discipleship is to invite people into an experience of the Kingdom.

Do we need to re-structure our discipleship programs?

In particular, are we serious about the need to exemplify how Jesus did what He did or do we prefer to simply tell stories? Is the Kingdom flowing or has it stagnated? At Pais we do not desire another accountability session, but a mentor to take us on their journey. This is a great idea, but how could a community do that?

#3 StudyBeyond Curriculum to Culture

Our primary method of study is to help people discover how to think not what to think.

Do we need to re-equip our study groups?

For example, have we offered the Saints the creative tools they need to share new truths or just sent them on a guilt trip for not doing their duty? Is the Kingdom being discovered outside the church or just reinforced inside it? At Pais we understand the power of teaching people how to think, not simply what to think. This is exciting, but is it plausible?

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