Adopt the Mission

Are you a church, youth leader, teacher, college student or Pais Alumni who has a passion for youth and schools but lacks resources?
Do you need training but do not have the time to go somewhere to get it?


Regular mentoring using the Paul Gibbs Mentoring Academy material, exclusive access to an online community and much more to equip you in our three unique approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study.

Learn more about Coaching

Receive monthly coaching to grow as a leader from goal-setting to recruitment, from delegation to bringing change. Pais’ certified coaches can take you through one-to-one mentoring sessions in any of the three specific areas below:

  • Foundational Youth Leadership – how to grow a youth group.
  • Strategic Youth Leadership – how to grow a youth ministry organization.
  • Advanced Youth Leadership – how to implement the three Pais distinctives.

Access is also provided to a closed Facebook group for follow-up questions and conversations, and new updated resources relevant to the area of coaching.


Qualified Directors will come to your Church/Organization at least twice a year to provide assessment, consultation and training sessions for your Leadership Team.

Learn more about Consultation

Receive consultancy visits, assessment and training from Pais.

  • Two consultation visits totaling 3 days.
  • Appraisal and short analysis of current ministry situation.
  • Next steps training specific to your ministry.


Season pass to an entire year of Pais conferences including SWAP and the exclusive Foundational Training conference in youth and campus leadership, Lead One, Lead Two and FRESH conferences. That’s well over 100 lectures and workshops!

Learn more about Conferences

Receive access to a whole year of Pais conferences [100+ hours of lectures and workshops].

Lead 1

  • Teaching Leadership principles with an emphasis on tools for successfully leading a team.
  • Subjects covered include but are not limited to: how to mentor, successful organizing, being professional and the 5 steps of leadership.

Lead 2

  • Teaching leadership principles with an emphasis on appraising and assessing leadership skills.
  • Subjects covered include but are not limited to: Philosophy of mentoring, integrity, dealing with conflict and personal development as well as the 5 steps of leadership.

Foundational Training

  • Equipping, training and preparing apprentices to be missionaries making missionaries.
  • Subjects covered include but are not limited to: Teaching lessons, running clubs, serving schools, principles for discovering God’s heart, and creative ministry.


  • A national forum led by Pais to promote the Pais 3 distinctives of our approach to Mission, Discipleship and Study.
  • Subjects covered include but are not limited to: 3 daily sessions that discuss new unique schools ministry ideas, a brand new teaching series every year from Paul Gibbs and collaboration sessions to put what is learned into action.

Want to Adopt the Mission?

Contact & Cost

These specialist packages come with a one-off cost that can be paid over a period of time. The cost varies for each nation. Please contact us to request more information.

Join the Movement

Pais exists to spark a global movement where the saints’ primary concern is the Kingdom of God and they are equipped to advance it in their world. Are you interested in learning more about Pais and our distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study?


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