What is the Affiliate Program?

Our desire is to equip churches, denominations, networks and youth organizations. We offer the catalytic resources and support to mobilize people from all walks of life with a passion for Evangelism, Discipleship and Bible Study.

The Affiliate Program offers the opportunity to learn how to empower others to use their voice and influence to advance the Kingdom of God the way Jesus did it, equipping those who are leaning forward through training in missional living.

How it works

  • We offer coaching, resources and training opportunities.
  • The resources are designed to be experienced within the local church.
  • Certificates can be awarded by the Pais Institute to demonstrate level of training.
  • There are occasional training conferences where affiliate members can meet with other like-minded participants.


There are many great benefits affiliates receive being trained through our program.


  • Reinforced commitment to local church.
  • Growth in Evangelism, Discipleship and Bible Study.
  • Godly character development.
  • Servant leadership skills.
  • Stronger faith.
  • Increased vision for Kingdom work.


  • Greater altruism and self-leadership.
  • Increased communication skills.
  • Intentional character development.
  • Positive goal setting.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Growing confidence.

Affiliate Training


The Affiliate Program coaches how to train others how to show and share their faith through our three-part award winning missional project called Because You’re Loved.


The Affiliate Program also coaches how to disciple others effectively through a unique form of discipleship by taking them on practical experiences that lead them to discover Biblical principles.


The Affiliate Program coaches how to lead others to connect and engage with God through a fresh approach to Bible Study.

What do affiliates receive?

A suite of resources:

  • Digital workshops including a simple video and worksheets.
  • Books, templates & curriculum explaining the programs in Evangelism, Discipleship and Bible study.
  • Online coaching from a Pais Director.
  • Free access to two Pais Training conferences per year.
  • Pais-run Affiliate hangouts.