What is the Affiliate Program?

Our desire is to equip churches, denominations, networks and youth organizations.

Our Affiliate courses offer resources, coaching, and training empowering you to use your voice and influence to advance the Kingdom of God.

How it works

Pricing is determined by the hosting nation. Complete the contact form below for inquiries.

  • Our national teams offer short courses and resources in Pais methodology.
  • Our directors, as experienced coaches, guide affiliates through our courses.
  • Upon completion of each course we offer certificates to denote the level of training.
  • Optional: Attend our 3 yearly training conferences
  • Optional: Attend interactive training events for business, education, faith, and healthcare through Masterclass Suite, LLC.

The Training

Mission - Affiliate Program coaches you to train others how to show and share your faith through our award-winning missional project called Because You’re Loved.

Discipleship - Our Affiliate Program coaches you how to disciple others effectively through an ancient form of discipleship by taking others on practical experiences that lead to discovery of Biblical principles.

Bible Study - Our Affiliate Program coaches you how to lead others to connect and engage with God through a fresh approach to Bible study.

Masterclass Suite - Our Affiliate Program offers the opportunity to attend interactive training events for business, education, faith, and healthcare offered through Masterclass Suite, LLC.


Additional Resources: All Affiliate members receive:

  • Access to digital workshops, videos, and worksheets.
  • Books and templates explaining our methods for evangelism, discipleship, and Bible study.
  • Free access to Pais conferences.
  • Coaching from a Pais director

Outcomes: Affiliates will be empowered to:

  • Help others develop Kingdom character.
  • Mobilize everyday evangelism.
  • Mobilize experiential discipleship.
  • Mobilize interactive Bible studies.

Apply to be an Affiliate