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Ben and Gale Dowding went on to marry and lead and network of churches.

This is your chance to give back!

If you have spent a year or more with Pais, finished well, and loved our vision, you can become a Pais Alumni. Please fill out the application form and we will be in touch to share next steps.

The role

In this role, you can use your Pais experience to provide support and encouragement for current apprentices. You will work closely together with the Pais Personnel Department to come alongside apprentices to help them get the best and be the best during their time with us. Your role will include: contacting your buddy every month; supporting up to 3 apprentices of the same gender; advising your apprentices through their placements; recruiting new Pais apprentices and Alumni Buddies; and the option to be a Buddy for those in your home or your placement nation.

The support

You will get:

A Pais Buddy Pack to update and guide you.
Access to Pais Alumni Buddy Facebook group.
Opportunity to attend Pais conferences for free.
Opportunity to volunteer at Pais conferences

Hall of fame

We’ve had great people who served on Pais for years. Check out our Hall of Fame and their awards.