Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Pais National Director! Read below to know the 5 steps of our application process.

Step 1 | Application

Fill out the application form. The Global Personnel Director will reach out to you to schedule a pre-interview conversation with you and Pais Founder and Global Director, Paul Gibbs. This will give you the opportunity to ask more question about the role and for us to answer them.

Step 2 | Pre-interview

In this pre-interview. We will establish a connection, and will give you the opportunity to ask more question about the role. Together we will decide if this may be a good fit for you and if we should move to the next, more formal, stage. If so, after we do the pre-interview, we will contact your references.

Step 3 | Additional Information

You’ll complete a research activity involving our documentary Spirit of a Pioneer, reading a key Pais book, and an assessment form.

Step 4 | Interview

Based on what you’ve learned about Pais, and what we’ve learned about you, we will have a formal interview.
We will go into more detail and this will be with a group of Pais leaders.

Step 5 | Decision

We will do an analysis of the application and interview process and contact you about our decision.