Featured positions

Many of our staff initially joined us as part of our Apprenticeship programs, but, we also have other opportunities for those interested in a long-term calling. Various nations have openings throughout the year so feel free to contact them, however, here are some current staff opportunities.

Global team manager

The Global Team Manager position is an opportunity to impact the world! The successful applicant will be responsible for growing the effectiveness and size of the team that resources Pais missionaries and other ministries around the world.  Key Skills required: Organization, People Management. Communication (written and verbal). Pro-active networking.

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Global communication director

The successful applicant will be responsible for promoting the work of Pais through media outlets and contacting church, conference, and organizational leaders. The aim is to create teaching, promotion, and recruitment opportunities. Key Skills required: Ability to create and follow up new contacts. Write articles and publish blogs. Co-ordinate the Global Directors calendar.

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South Africa National Directors

We are seeking a couple to lead Pais in South Africa. The successful applicants will take on an already established Pais nation. Key skills required are vision-casting, networking, recruiting and the ability to manage and organize teams.

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