2021 Year-In-Review: Pais Europe

2021 Year-In-Review: Pais Europe

As the year comes to an end, we are celebrating all that God has done through our Pais nations in 2021! Read below to discover the great ministry stories from our nations in Europe:


Pais Denmark

“Hej🇩🇰, the work we do here in Denmark is a bit different from the typical Pais work you might know. We have the privilege of living at a boarding school while pioneering Pais Scandinavia.

This gives us the opportunity to build deep relationships because we share everyday life with the students and teachers. We see God working in relationships, fellowship and individual lives. A lot of the students have tough life stories, they often come from complicated family backgrounds or don’t feel appreciated.

But God really gives us the opportunity to create a culture of encouragement and understanding in the school. It’s unbelievable how God keeps blessing each moment and how he is opening up doors for us to reach those lives.

God provides, please pray that each of the students will personally experience God’s presence! It’s awesome what He already did and there is still so much more to come.”


Pais Faroe Islands

“Pioneering Pais on the Faroe Islands has been tougher than we thought. But a highlight of our year was when we had the Danish team over for a short term mission trip (May 2021). We raised awareness for schools’ ministry and people got a good taste of what Pais has to offer.

The team went in the public schools (primary and high schools) and were welcomed to come back anytime! They were in a local church and helped plan the pre-teen ministry, which has now officially started and is growing!  Started. We are looking forward for the team to come back in April 2022 as they will continue to invest more in the islands and pave the way for more open doors.”


Pais Germany

“Our teams have been so creative this past year! Even though most programs were not possible/allowed, they still invested heavily in disciplining their mentees and always finding new ways to reach people.

Recently, one of our teams did a mission rally where youth got to playfully learn what mission is and how to do it. Afterwards, a mentee came up to her and said she tried it out right away with a friend. Hallelujah!

We love stories like this because this is what we are all about: building the Kingdom of God with others and training them to go off on their own.”


Pais United Kingdom

“2019-2020 was the strangest year for those trying to serve schools in the UK as the doors of the schools closed and the schools ministry went online. But September 2021 was a different story!

Day one of the new academic year after Foundational Training and we were fully back in the schools! Since then we have communicated with 8179 children and young people in 17 schools in England & Northern Ireland.

Communicating the Gospel in collective worship assemblies, building significant relationships with young people in lunch clubs, sharing a Christian perspective in RE, mentoring, coaching, discipling young people in and outside the school environment. Praying for young people, providing positive Christian role models, seeing young people come to faith and grow in faith, it’s been a great few months for schools ministry in the UK!”


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Pais Germany Finds Creative Way To Inspire Everyday Missionaries

Pais Germany Finds Creative Way To Inspire Everyday Missionaries

How can I reach my friends for Jesus? How can I talk to them about Christianity? How can I share my personal experiences with God in an authentic and relevant way?

People who are moved by these questions are what we call “Everyday Missionaries”. They want to inspire others to experience God in their everyday life.

Inspired by the recent Zoom boom, Pais Germany found a creative way around this past year’s lockdowns and launched PAIS LIVE. During these Lives, they meet over Zoom once a month for one hour with the “Everyday Missionaries” who have a desire to share Jesus. Pais Germany’s aim is to create a space for people with this desire to connect and be equipped, inspired and encouraged to bring Jesus to their friends and family.

Germany’s current and future Pais apprentices, friends of Pais – both young and old – join these meetings. Everyone learns and shares about being a missionary in their everyday life.

Every session deals with a different topic and always includes interactive breakout sessions with discussions or more in depth conversation of the topic. They have also invited guest speakers who share about their experiences or practical application on topics concerning evangelism, mission and discipleship in everyday life.

Quite a number of people come regularly and say that these sessions inspire them to try out new things and that they feel encouraged to see many others with the same heart to serve their friends.

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