How Pais has helped me to help others!

My Story: When I joined Pais, I wanted to experience a year focused on the growth and development of others but had no idea how much I, personally, would grow and develop in my own faith. Shortly after accepting Jesus, I became passionate about reaching out to students in my school. I was very involved […]

How waiting triggers the unexpected!

I’m Becca and this is now my fourth year on Pais. It’s been quite a journey but when I first became a Christian I asked God for an adventure and that’s exactly what he’s taken me on. When I joined Pais I was a naive 19-year-old who wanted to put Jesus first. Little did I […]

Max Lucado Endorses Pais

Now we have this new plan, that uses campuses but is not dependent upon them. Pais is absolutely essential, as it is helping us accelerate this desire to touch young people all over the city! I believe in your vision and have found you to be very true to the teachings of christ.

More Than We Imagined

The experience really matured our daughter in ways that, left in our hands, would have never occurred. This helped her in character and independence as well as giving her confidence in public speaking. The impact of this has been to help her in life during college and beyond!

A Whole Family Finds A Spiritual Home

It Started With Michael Michael is a student at the local middle school in Bradenton, USA. Over a normal lunchtime one day he started a conversation with Pais apprentice Arno who was sat at the same table. Arno invited Michael to the church youth group called Overflo and then thought no about it as […]

A Unique Vision & A Unique Approach

Presence In 2008, a mega church in San Antonio to a bold step in a new direction, to begin the journey of seeing the presence of Christ in every community in San Antonio. The vision would mean that the 10,000 plus people attending services each week would not be viewed as the bench mark for […]


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