The Multiplying Effect of Discipleship

The Multiplying Effect of Discipleship

Last month our Global Ministry Media Director, Ronaldo Andrade, visited teams in South Africa as a part of a future Pais documentary, which will feature the work Pais is doing around the world. Pais South Africa was pioneered in 2018 by Richard and Leearron Jumbe. Over the last several years, the Jumbes have established partnerships with churches, Christian organizations such as the Students Christian Organization (SCO), and local schools. Today, Pais South Africa partners with schools on a weekly basis by participating in assemblies and teaching lessons, and are active in the community by hosting evangelistic outreaches and leading discipleship programs in the local partner churches.

During the first week of filming alone, the Pais South Africa teams engaged with over 2,000 students, many of whom came to believe in God. Ronaldo was particularly impacted by the gratitude that the students expressed for sharing truth with them.

“There was one particular school that we went to, it was the first time they were receiving a Pais team, and after doing lessons on identity, Christianity and peer pressure, and giving students time to ask questions, they enjoyed it so much that some of them came looking for us during their break to thank us for what we had done. On Pais terms, we would call them ‘those who are leaning forward’, students who are eager to know God, to be discipled, to discover the Bible and to learn ways to share it with their friends. This is what Pais is all about, disciples making disciples who can make more disciples.”

Evidence of this multiplying effect can be seen in communities where Pais is active. In a matter of 4 years, there are testimonies of people like Wayne, who was only 15 when he was discipled by the Jumbes through the Pais Youth Academy. Wayne then became a Pais team member, then a team leader, and is now a Pais alumni. Wayne has discipled many teenagers throughout this time and continues to disciple more while attending college, he is living the lifestyle and seeing the multiplying effects through the lives of those he discipled.

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2021 Year-In-Review: Pais Africa

2021 Year-In-Review: Pais Africa

As the year comes to an end, we are celebrating all that God has done through our Pais nations in 2021! During the month of December, we will share the highlights of each Pais region here in our blog. Read below to discover the great ministry stories from our nations in Africa:

Pais Ghana

“One of our highlights this year was that we participated in four nights of crusades at Adeiso (eastern region of Ghana). The event was a collaboration with the youth department of Harvest Chapel International. Various activities included:

-Career guidance and counseling sessions.
-Distribution of free Bibles and free school uniforms.
-Donation Drive for teaching and learning materials.
-Donation Drive for food items.
-Donation Drive for clothing items.

1207 people attended the event with a total number of 752 giving their lives to Christ!”

Pais Kenya

“Our mission initiatives towards businesses grew to a great extent this year!

-We are now preaching in over 5 supermarkets (similar to Walmart) every month. They allow us to do church services for their staff on Sunday morning before they start their work.
-We partnered with the businesses of the Limuru area by asking for donations to repair broken windows of a local public school. Many businesses joined in to support this project.
-A weekly movie project is a new tool for us to spread the gospel. A local movie business owner agreed to use his movie place to show free Christian movies and allow us to engage the audience in a gospel debate.

We also continued with our youth work in 2021:

-We ran a VBS program in 2 different schools. It was awesome to see schools opening up again after the pandemic.
-Pais Kenya participated in the Gospel Flame Project, a special evangelistic team that goes to towns preaching the gospel. Our team of 4 missionaries have been able to win about 713 people to Christ Jesus from January 2021 until now.

This year we have seen a total of over 1500 people come to Christ Jesus in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania mission work.”

Pais South Africa

“Aaron has been part of the Pais Youth Academy since 2019. When he first joined, he was one of the quiet ones. Keeping to himself and not being very vocal in group discipleship discussions.

Since then, he has shared his testimony in youth, been a part of a leadership team launching a kids program for the community, preached in Sunday service, his school asked him to pray at the opening of their new library, he has been a leader on kids camps, mission projects and has attended every training opportunity he is given chance to.

We are so proud of how Aaron has grown from being quiet to being a key leader among the youth and kids in the community. The kids in the community are always looking for him, he has become like a pastor to the kids in the community.

Aaron’s heart is really for God and the children, as Pais teams have come and gone and the members have changed he has remained an integral part of the youth academy and built strong relationships with every Pais team present in his local church. Many children are attending church because of his leadership at such a young age.

We have been delighted to hear that he would like to join Pais upon completing school as he is such a pleasure to work with and an impact for God’s kingdom.”

Pais Nigeria

“One of our major highlights this year was when we were allowed to minister in a school for the first time in over 7 months due to covid!

Our work revolves a lot around schools and student communities. We find that the impact we have on young people easily filters into every fabric of our society, hence our frustration when we couldn’t go into schools for such a long time.

But we kept knocking and praying until we had our breakthrough, and it came in style. We were accepted into an unusual school: one of the best high schools in western Nigeria owned and run by a former president of our nation and with a very notable and well respected alumni community.

Fast forward from that breakthrough, we are already reaching 5000+ students and youths in 3 regions all through the country.”

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A Step Of Faith

A Step Of Faith

Wayne Omollo is one of our Apprentices serving in Pais South Africa. As a former Pais Youth Academy student, he took a step of faith and is now impacting young people through the power of the Gospel.

In this interview, Wayne shares how God called him to serve and some of his highlights this year. Read through to learn more as you also apply for our Free Mission Year.

Q: How did you hear about Pais and when did you join?

“I first heard about Pais when I met Richard and Leearron (South Africa’s National Directors) in 2018, and soon after I joined the Pais Youth Academy. Through the discipleship process, I grew in my faith and learned more about the Mission Year Program. I later joined Pais in 2021 after my highschool year.”

Q: What motivated you to serve with Pais in South Africa?

“GOD SHOOK ME! Was it not said that you could only TRY to run away from God’s plan? After I completed highschool, I was keen to continue my studies. However, God made it clear that this was not His will over my life when I realized I was trying to force open closed doors. Seeing the influence of Pais Youth Academy in my life as a graduate, I then felt led to join Pais as an Apprentice for 2021 and impact the youth.”

Q: What have been some of your highlights about being on Pais?

“Being on Pais has broadened my community. I now have more people around I can connect with and positively influence. Moreover, Pais has given me the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures, as well as seeing so many different places.”

Q: What challenges have you had to overcome? What lessons did Pais teach you?

“Insecurities. While being on Pais I’ve had to overcome my insecurities and boast in the confidence given to me by Christ. Among many more lessons, the biggest I’ve learnt is that the only one stopping me from doing His will is myself.”

Q: Do you have any stories of God moving in the lives of young people through your team?

“After our recent youth camp, I was so touched to see three of the youth make the decision to get baptized and choose to live out fully for Jesus!”

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