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Our Interns/Youth Leaders/Pais apprentices – choose your description.

Name of Church is excited to provide our young people with a team of full-time Youth mentors.

The team of young adults are passionate role-models who serve with us as part of our partnership with The Pais Movement. Their aim is to develop our young people and guide them as they grow in their Christian faith.

As they are full-time, the youth ministry at name of church is able to invest far more hours in our teenagers than a single-handed youth pastor. As well as being fully involved in the church and assisting in the running of our regular youth ministry activities, the team receive 200 hours of seminary style training plus ongoing development in order to provide the following activities:

They also offer a special Youth Academy that provides additional input.

Testimonies of youth people saying how having a Pais Apprentice has helped them

“My life was changed through a Pais apprentice who became my mentor” – Sabre

“They are older than you, you can trust them and know they have already gone through what you have, so they can help you” – Riley

“I used to go to church only in a superficial way. Now I go to church because I know God is always present, no matter the situation. I’m very grateful for everything they and the church have done in my life.” – Layane

“Before I met the Pais Guys I didn’t believe in God. They showed up at my school and started talking to me without forcing religion. They made me look and search for it.” – Hermes

“One of my dreams has been to be a youth pastor and Patrick has helped me work on my leadership abilities in the youth group…we have been able to tag team” – Josiah

“When they came to our school. I noticed some changes in my life. Before I was always stubborn, I was a troublemaker and always fighting but now I am different” – Kousara