Together, let’s make missionaries who make missionaries!

“Now we have this new plan, that uses campuses but is not dependent upon them. Pais is absolutely essential, as it is helping us accelerate this desire to touch young people all over the city!” – Max Lucado, Pastor/Author

The Extra Benefit

Partnering with us leads to a multiplication of missionary work. You not only support missionaries on the field but the missionaries that they in turn create!

How We Operate

Pais provides a relational bridge between churches and the communities around them by providing missionaries who will engage young people in schools, young-adults in community, or adults in business. Pais missionaries receive more than 2000 hours of practical ministry training and experience in the process of reproducing what they are learning in others.

Global Impact

Many churches elect to host a Pais team in their church, however these and others churches often elect to expand their impact by investing mission funds in Pais globally.  Our partnering  churches find a high value in that Pais can provide a global impact on a very personal level, especially for smaller churches.


We look forward to partnering with you to advance the kingdom of God together!

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