Together we make this possible!

Pais has a unique and very effective economic model. We work in collaboration so our collective impact can be far greater than each of us could accomplish on our own.


Pais provides leadership, organization, structure, training, and vision to the Movement

Apprentices provide a year or more of their lives and travel cost to/from their nation of service

Churches provide pastoral care, team office, team transportation, and operational costs

Host Families provide food, accommodation, and a family atmosphere for apprentices

Schools provide a platform to positively impact their students  and help their teachers

Businesses provide platforms in the marketplace to positively impact their community

Donors provide funding for various aspects the operations throughout the world.


Due to this collaborative effort, we have very low overhead and administrative expenses as we do not own buildings or have to pay to house and feed our apprentices. Funds given to Pais go directly to our mission of making missionaries, maximizing the impact of every dollar given.

Here of some examples to give perspective of what money given to Pais can accomplish:

Monthly Giving

Enables us to provide digital training, programs, and books to a team of Life-Mentors.

Enables us to recruit, train, place and resource a team of Life-Mentors per year.

Enables us to provide a life mentor at your business.

One Time Giving

Enables us to execute a community transformation campaign.

Enables us to provide flow mentoring sessions to an entire nation.

Enables us to pioneer our work in a new nation.

Suggested figures to give an idea of the impact you can have.

Where does your money go?

“I want to be just like them, I want to help people and want to do good things.” – Eduardo, Mentee, Brazil

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