Paul Clayton Gibbs is the Global Director of Pais.

Paul founded the Pais Movement in 1992. Currently impacting six continents, he has a slightly different perspective on things. Paul combines ancient methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. He is an award-winning author and his books are a great way to gain insight into the thinking, practices and principles of Pais. Paul’s main role on Pais is to facilitate our vision, teach and mentor our National Directors.

Serving as Founder and Global Director of Pais, Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching. Originally from Manchester, England, Paul and his wife Lynn have two grown sons Joel and Levi. The couple now resides in Arlington, Texas.

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Paul Clayton Gibbs

Paul Gibbs is the Global Director of Pais. He is married to Lynn and has two boys, Joel and Levi. Paul is originally from Manchester, Great Britain, and moved to the USA in 2005. Paul’s early career was in retail management but was then called to full-time ministry in 1987. His pioneering work created openings within the local schools of Manchester as he established contacts on behalf his local church.

In September 1992, Paul founded the Pais concept, starting with The Pais Project, an inter-denominational youth and schools ministry. The organization has grown from being one single team pioneering a work in Manchester to becoming a vast global movement with extensive teams and headquarters on six continents.

The Pais Collective was launched in 2011 and aims to train, equip and repurpose churches in alignment with the three Pais Distinctives. Pais Venture, a third extension of Pais, is currently being established that will assist in Kingdom-centric businesses.

Since the early 1990’s, Paul has also held other positions whilst directing Pais. In the mid 1990’s, Paul became a Director with Youth Alive. During this time, he pioneered Youthlink, a national training curriculum, and assisted with other projects including the then largest annual one-day youth festival in England (secular or religious).

In 2000, Paul became the Senior Minister at thefaithworks in Failsworth (Manchester), a church that partnered with the Message Trust and planted the Eden Project, an award-winning community endeavor.

In 2004, Paul launched his own Mentoring Academy.

In October 2005, Paul moved to the USA, where he served on the Senior Leadership Team of a Texan ‘mega-church.’

In 2009, Paul finally gave in to the growing demand of Pais and committed himself to its development full-time. He now spends his time training leaders, speaking publicly and has had multiple books published with Harris House Publishing.

Paul has gained national recognition in the UK for his unique communication style blending humor, visual learning and insightful thinking. He has written courses for, and spoken at various Bible colleges and seminaries in the UK and the States, such as Mattersey Bible College [UK], Nazarene Theological College [UK], Southwestern Baptist Seminary [Texas].

Paul teaches primarily on the subject of ‘New Ideas for a Postmodern World’ including series such as the three distinctives of Pais, Life-Shapes and various aspects of leadership. His favorite subject to teach on is the Kingdom of God. Paul has created short courses for Seminaries including the ‘New Essentials in Ministry’ course that he wrote for Southwestern Baptist Seminary.

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What others say

Paul Gibbs has spoken and preached in my classes at Southwestern Bible Seminary in Fort Worth several times over the past few years. These are all Master level students who are extremely intelligent. Each time Paul has spoken, the students have unanimously agreed that he was outstanding. He is a tremendous asset to my classes and preparing students to care for others.

Professor Johnny Derouen, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Texas USA

Paul is an inspirational man of God who is gifted and committed to teaching, training and developing leaders. I highly recommend his ministry and know it will produce passionate, equipped, thriving people after God’s own heart.

Andy Hawthorne (OBE), CEO The Message Trust

Paul Gibbs is a modern-day apostle. He has a mission and vision to mobilize young missionaries and make missionaries all over the world, and he is doing it! I would listen to anything Paul has to say. I would read anything he writes. You should do the same.

Randy Frazee, Senior Minister, Oak Hills Church San Antonio. Author of ‘The Story’ and ‘The Connecting Church’

Paul Gibbs is smart. Smarter than your average leader. His viewpoint and expression come from a rare blend of microscopic and telescopic thinking. He’s a practitioner and only says what works.

Dave Gilpin, Author and Senior Minister of Hope City Network UK


Kingdom Principles

Develop Godly Character

Kingdom Patterns

Discover God's Direction

Kingdom Pioneering

Fulfill God's Calling


How to Disciple Anyone in Anything


How to Study Anything with Anyone


How to Reach Anyone Anywhere

Suggested Subjects

Inspirational messages

Seek first the Kingdom
An alternative way to connect with God. A sermon that challenges people to put God’s Kingdom/Mission before their own. A mixture of story, humor and teaching that gives a new metaphor for Christians to live their lives by.

Pictures of Jesus
A message about vision and where it comes from. A sermon that encourages people to seek vision for their own lives and think bigger. A mixture of story, humor and teaching that suggests an alternative new way to gain vision from God.

Killer Facts
A message about vision and what happens when it is delayed. A sermon that aims to encourage people who have stepped out in faith but are as yet to see their vision become a reality. A mixture of story, humor and teaching that gives advise to those ‘in waiting.’

Short courses

Short courses

Kingdom Patterns – based on the book ‘The Seed and the Cloud’
The Five Patterns for Guidance. A series of teaching sessions on direction in life and a different way to look at how God leads us.
Ideal for those that want to understand God’s will in their lives and are looking to pursue His purposes.

The Spirit of a Pioneer – based on the book ‘The Line and the Dot’
The Four Stages of Vision. An interactive session looking at the four stages you will inevitably go through if you want to change the status quo.
Ideal for leaders or those eager to learn about vision.

Kingdom Principles – based on the book ‘The Cloud and the Line’
The Six Principles of Character. A series of teaching sessions that look beyond the spirit of the rules and regulations of the Bible.
Ideal for those that want to break out of stagnated religion.

The Four Catalysts for Change. A series of teaching sessions on teamwork that includes a personality assessment.
Ideal for those that want to work better with others and become more of a positive influence in their communities.

All of these can be presented as one event or as a short course.

The Masterclass Suite

Mission Masterclass: How to reach anyone anywhere
Challenging comparisons are highlighted between modern mission programs and the four step process taught by Jesus. This Masterclass presents alternative methods to share the Gospel in today’s polarising culture.

Discipleship Masterclass: How to teach anything to anyone
Interactive sessions, creative workshops, biblical perspective and ancient practices redeveloped for a modern world. This Masterclass is suitable for Pastors, leaders and parents who are eager to disciple or be discipled.

Study Masterclass: How to study anything with anyone
Based on the award-winning book, ‘Haverim’, this session looks at a new approach to study – especially in a missional context.

Ideal for anyone who is eager to learn.


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