What will you receive?

  • Receive a mentor
  • Work with the support of a team
  • Placement in an encouraging church
  • Be trained in everything you do before you do it
  • 200 hours of lectures
  • 1800 hours of on-the-job training

What will you do?

  • Help lead young adult ministry
  • Disciple young adults
  • Lead Bible studies
  • Take young adults on mission
  • Present ministry in Colleges and Universities

How can you specialize?

As an extra option you can take the opportunity to use your gifts in the following areas:


This track uses our Life-Shapes appraisal to provide workshops to help you discover your personal gifts, talents and passions and how to apply them in a ministry context.


We will train you to use your athletic gifting and passion for sport to minister to and coach young adults in both colleges, community projects and the church.


This track will train and develop you in your craft and use your talent to engage young adults through events, workshops and church gatherings.

Performing Arts

We offer training to develop your theatrical gifting and discover how to apply it in ministry, using drama and dance.

Remember, however, there is no need to specialize if you do not want to.

To join as a Pais Collective apprentice you must be at least 21 years old.

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