From Mentees to Mentors

From Mentees to Mentors

Alex Kuria was a student who lived on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. In 2014, he met Armstrong Ochieng, Pais Kenya’s National Director. Armstrong shared his story as a Christian and took Alex back to school, where he eventually finished his primary and secondary education. While being discipled by Armstrong, Alex accepted Christ and decided to join Pais to serve God in 2019.

Shortly after joining, Alex became a Team Leader in Pais Kenya and had the opportunity to mentor Faith Mbugua, a Pais Apprentice. Today Faith mentors students who are also committed to sharing the Gospel.

From Armstrong to Alex. From Alex to Faith. From Faith to her own youth students.

What had started as a single mentorship relationship, is now evidence of the growing impact of the message of Christ.

At Pais, we mentor individuals to become future mentors to young people as well. We believe Jesus came to save AND recruit individuals to be a part of his purpose!

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The Rebuild Begins!

The Rebuild Begins!

To kick off the Mission Year, each Pais Nation organizes a two-week training known as Foundational Training. During this preparation, the Pais Team Members and Team Leaders learn practical tools and resources to reach young people. This month many FT’s are happening in person for the first time in two years and we can feel the momentum building again!

Mark Riley, Global Training Director, says: “Foundational Training is always a great time to see individuals grow in character, new skills, and confidence as they unpack Kingdom Principles and fresh approaches to Bible Studies, Evangelism, and Discipleship.”

Foundational Training is also a period of team bonding and spiritual growth as the teams attend devotional sessions and social events. Amadeo and Ellie, two Apprentices who are serving in North America, share how God has been speaking to them during FT:

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Pais Alumni Connects Over A Common Legacy

Pais Alumni Connects Over A Common Legacy

Over the last 29 years, thousands of Apprentices have dedicated one year or more of their lives to serve young people around the world. Their legacy lives on as new Pais teams build and expand on their work. On July 15, Pais Alumni met during the Global Alumni Hangout and connected over their common legacy.

At the event, the Alumni played a few games, including a Pais trivia. They looked at pictures from their past teams, and talked about how God has been working in their lives now. A highlight was when participants shared the testimonies of transformation they had while on Pais.

Pete Baker, the United Kingdom National Director, spoke about calling and how now is a good time to walk in all the good works God has prepared for them. He reminded them: “You are still part of the Pais Movement and the Pais Family, even if you’re not a part of the [Pais] Organization.”

The Hangout was a great opportunity to catch up and witness how the Alumni continue to diligently serve God in different ways now! If you are a Pais Alumni and would like to join the community, subscribe to the Alumni newsletter here.

Supporting Our Schools In A Post-Pandemic World – Will There Be A Missed Opportunity?

Supporting Our Schools In A Post-Pandemic World – Will There Be A Missed Opportunity?

That’s The Question Paul Gibbs, Founder Of The Pais Movement, Is Asking During His 12 Day Hike Across England.

25 years ago Paul Gibbs walked across England praying for schools in the UK. What happened next went beyond his wildest dreams. Today, Pais Movement, the organization he founded, has trained and placed multiple-thousands of life-mentors in schools on six continents. Now he is doing it again in a post-pandemic setting and praying for schools worldwide.

In 1992 Paul Gibbs had started a small school outreach ministry to reach his home city of Manchester. After receiving encouragement from a Christian leader that “God will give you everywhere you tread”, he decided to walk from Coast to Coast, praying that God would open the schools of the nation.

Soon after he founded the Pais Movement, a discipleship-led organization that operates today in over 15 nations. With our Global Headquarters in Arlington, Texas, we place volunteers who disciple students in local schools and churches. Thanks to those mentors, multiple-thousands of teenagers have already been positively impacted around the world!

And yet Paul thinks it’s too little and almost too late. There is still an urgent need in our society to invest in transforming schools and reaching students for Christ. In the context of a post-pandemic world especially, teenagers and children have been greatly impacted by isolation and recent uncertainties.

“Another generation is being lost whilst we are yet to understand the incredible opportunity of serving their local schools. Teachers are crying out for help but are we, God’s people, too focused on our own programs and projects to hear their call?” says Gibbs.

Which is why on May 17, Paul started the Thru-Hike for Schools. He is walking the Coast to Coast route again, and is scheduled to complete it in 12 days. While walking 182 miles, he is praying for God to open new doors for schools ministry. Partnering with global youth organizations¹, he hopes to raise awareness for this missed opportunity. Paul is also sharing his journey and updates on social media.

Many teams and supporters around the world are already joining in and organizing their own Thru-Hike for Schools. For more information on how to join this cause visit

¹Thru-Hike For Schools Partners:

Pray For Schools
Prayer Spaces in Schools
Youth Alive North Texas
SASW Trust
LINX Christian Youth Trust
Thy Kingdom Come
Moms in Prayer

Youth Academy Launches

We believe young people are not just the future of our nations and faith, but are very much a here and now generation and have valuable roles to play in their schools, neighborhoods and peer groups.

In August 2019 we are excited to launch the Pais Youth Academy so that many young people we are working with throughout the world will be equipped and empowered to be part of the kingdom movement of evangelism and discipleship in their teenage years.

Over the course of the next 2 years we anticipate welcoming 10,000 young people to participate in, co-lead and launch expressions of mission, discipleship and bible study through our Youth Academy program across more than ten countries on six continents.

We'd love you to join with us and pray for our teams as they promote, recruit and train many passionate young Jesus followers, throughout their time with us.