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all apprenticeships include training, accommodation & meals

Pais Movement offers different FREE Christian Gap Year apprenticeships that include training, accommodation & meals. Every apprentice receives a mentor, works with a team, and is placed in a supportive church environment. You will receive a certificate from The Pais Institute recognized by our partnering organizations. Other qualification options are available.

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The Pais Gap Year is free and includes a Pais Institute Certificate recognized by our partnering organizations. Further formal qualifications are available. Click on the options below for details.

Pais Institute Certificate Validated Certificate Validated Diploma Validated Degree
Time: 1 Year Time: 1 Year Time: 2 Years Time: 4 Years
Cost: Free Cost: $500 Cost: Enquire Now Cost: Enquire Now

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NOTICE: The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) could not provide oversight to Biblical and Theological higher education in the State of Texas. Until this ruling, only schools that were certified by the THECB and accredited by the Department of Education Approved Accrediting Agency were authorized to confer degrees. Due to the Texas Supreme Court ruling, the Pais Institute is now able to confer certificates, diplomas and degrees.

About Pais

Pais was founded in 1992 by Paul Gibbs. Over the following years, we planted teams in 6 continents. Pais equips people in distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study. In 2005, Paul moved to the U.S.A. and set up Global:Pais, a resource team to oversee Pais in each nation. Pais now works with youth, businesses, churches and organizations and is always looking to partner with new apprentices, churches and nations.

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