Who we are looking for

We are looking for passionate people who want to reach a nation with their skills. You will be working in a team of other Specialists. We are looking for people who have a desire & passion for personnel and human resources and a basic knowledge in communication principles. You have to be open to contact people and network with others.

What you will be able to do

A Specialist Personnel Apprenticeship will train you in Human resources, Event Planning and Hospitality. You will become familiar with Google docs, AppSys and Detail Orientation etc. With these skills you will help us increase the number of Pais Apprentices throughout the world plus organize our staff for greater impact.

Hospitality Resources

  • Provide all aspects of hospitality in small and large setting
  • Host liaison practices
  • Present Hospitality training seminars

Event Planning

  • Create the welcoming atmosphere
  • Communication
  • Host VIP’s

Human Resources

  • Pastoral Support
  • Orientation of New staff and Recruits
  • Communication with host homes
  • Connect with host homes

Policy Creation

  • Create Policies
  • Work with Cultural Policies
  • Work with Immigration Policies


  • Work in a team
  • Effectively lead others in HD Study methods
  • One-to-one and one-to-many presentation techniques

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