Pais Certificate

recognized by our partnering organizations, this certificate is awarded to all those who successfully complete a Pais Apprenticeship

Time Availability Cost Summary
1 Year Worldwide Free Upon completion of a successful year with Pais, participants will be awarded a Pais certificate, recognized by our partnering organizations.

Certificate Content

To complete the Pais certificate successfully, participants will complete the following:

Target Description
1. Discipleship Mentor at least 3 students bi-weekly using the Pais Flow material.
2. Mission Complete all 3 missions of our Because You’re Loved program.
3. Study Lead 1 interactive study group during the Pais year as part of the Haverim study catalyst.
4. Ministry Writing Create and lead multiple lessons, workshops or clubs during the year.
5. Teamwork Work in a successful team focused environment.
6. Training Watch a 1 hour weekly livewire training video & attend all Pais training conferences.

Certificate Outcome

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

# Description
1. Partner with public and private institutions to meet educational goals.
2. Create and implement lesson plans that meet a set curriculum standard.
3. Create and implement diverse small group activities.
4. Create and implement growth plans for students.
5. Create and implement school wide service projects.
6. Create engaging public speaking events.
7. Apply critical thinking and problem solving techniques.
8. Apply postmodern theory to create interactive teaching environments.
9. Apply teamwork dynamics to effectively work with others in a professional environment.
10. Research and synthesize information.
11. Coach and disciple students.

About Pais

Pais was founded in 1992 by Paul Gibbs. Over the following years, we planted teams in 6 continents. Pais equips people in distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study. In 2005, Paul moved to the U.S.A. and set up Global:Pais, a resource team to oversee Pais in each nation. Pais now works with youth, businesses, churches and organizations and is always looking to partner with new apprentices, churches and nations.

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