Validated Certificate

Validated by moorlands college, this certificate is awarded to all those who successfully complete a Pais apprenticeship and the applied theology curriculum.

Time Availability Cost Summary
1 Year

Available in most Nations. Please make inquiries to your chosen Nation.

$500 Upon completion of a successful year with Pais, and further specified requirements, participants will be awarded with a certificate in applied theology, validated by Moorlands College. This can be upgraded to a diploma in your second year.

Validated Certificate Content

To complete the validated Pais certificate in applied theology, participants will successfully complete the following:

Target Description
1. Complete Pais Targets Complete the basic requirements of a free Pais certificate.
2. Introduction to Applied Theology Attend theological seminars and complete related assignments.
3. Bible Overview Complete a biblical study of a chosen passage and present findings to a peer group.
4. Mission and Ministry Explain and relate a personal testimony, study a biblical leader and apply discovered principles to personal leadership.
5. Working With Young People Present and evaluate a teaching lesson and complete a risk assessment of a teaching environment.
6. Personal and Professional Development Write reflectively about personal boundaries, plan and show competent time management, reflect upon personal spiritual growth and create a personal development plan.

Validated Certificate Outcome

Along with all of the outcomes associated with the Free Pais Certificate, participants will be able to:

# Description
1. Have an understanding of theology, demonstrate how it engages with culture, respond to points of theology that may be contentious and relate theology to their own life in a practical way.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of specific bible passages, extract principles and explain them to others.
3. Explain personal faith journey, reflecting on the life changing differences.
4. Understand biblical leadership, analyzing characteristics of good biblical leaders and compare them to personal leadership.
5. Identify their personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader and reflect on personal leadership development plans.
6. Understand current issues that young people face.
7. Set learning outcomes for school lessons.
8. Identify learning styles and show how they impact teaching methods.
9. Evaluate personal teaching ability and sessions, reflecting on potential changes.
10. Identify hazards and risks in a teaching environment and reflect on necessary interventions.
11. Set personal and professional boundaries in ministry, evaluating long term effectiveness.
12. Manage personal and group time efficiently.
13. Analyze personal and spiritual growth.
14. Work with and learn from leaders to aid in personal growth and development.

About Pais

Pais was founded in 1992 by Paul Gibbs. Over the following years, we planted teams in 6 continents. Pais equips people in distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study. In 2005, Paul moved to the U.S.A. and set up Global:Pais, a resource team to oversee Pais in each nation. Pais now works with youth, businesses, churches and organizations and is always looking to partner with new apprentices, churches and nations.

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