Validated Degree

(under current negotiation)

Validated by moorlands college and university of Gloucestershire, this degree is awarded to all those who successfully complete four years as a Pais apprentice in addition to the corresponding applied theology curriculum for each year

Time Availability Cost Summary
4 Years

Available in most Nations. Please make inquiries to your chosen Nation.

TBC Upon completion of a the diploma in applied theology and 2 additional years with Pais, including further specified requirements, participants will be awarded with a bachelors degree in applied theology, validated by Moorlands College and the University of Gloucestershire.

About Pais

Pais was founded in 1992 by Paul Gibbs. Over the following years, we planted teams in 6 continents. Pais equips people in distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study. In 2005, Paul moved to the U.S.A. and set up Global:Pais, a resource team to oversee Pais in each nation. Pais now works with youth, businesses, churches and organizations and is always looking to partner with new apprentices, churches and nations.

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