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We offer two main ways you serve your church. We can provide full-time Pais apprentices for your youth ministry, church outreach or local businesses. Plus training in discipleship, mission and study.

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Option 1: Join the Movement

with a Pais team


Do you want to launch your church into the community, but don’t know where to begin? Pais can provide you with full-time apprentices for a year or longer to run three programs to act as a catalyst within your church congregation.

Pais plants teams of 3-5 people in a city or church, providing recruitment, management, and training. The church provides accommodation through host families, and partners with Pais on the operational and developmental costs. There are three types of Pais teams but all run our three distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship, and Study, with programs that act as catalysts in each area.

In Mission, they run Because You’re Loved. In Discipleship, they run The Flow. In Study, they run Haverim study groups.

A Project team, based at a local church, will empower students in the youth ministry. A typical schedule involves teaching lessons, running clubs, attending extracurricular activities and working with the church youth ministry.

Every apprentice will mentor a minimum of three students bi-weekly and form a bridge between the school and the church.

A Collective team, based at a local church, will empower leaders and college students. A typical schedule involves outreach projects to university students, leading innovative new style Bible studies on college campuses, and running local missions.

Every apprentice will mentor a minimum of three students bi-weekly, and form a bridge between the local church, university, and community.

A Venture team, based at a local church, will empower businesses. A typical schedule involves apprenticing at a local business, representing the organization in schools, running creative teaching experiences and leading innovative new style Bible studies and workshops.

Every apprentice will represent the business as they mentor three students bi-weekly and form a bridge between the local church, business, and community.

Every Pais team is led by a Team Leader who has at least one year of experience with Pais. Each team has three weeks of seminary style training at the beginning of the academic year, weekly mentoring and one hour of additional video training each week. There are also two other 3-5 day training conferences throughout the year.

Download The Church Catalogue to print it or read it offline.

Read what a church experienced: Report from Berkshire Youth, Canada.

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Option 2: Adopt the Mission

with Pais Coaching

Prefer not to have Pais apprentices but wish you had training for your youth leaders/interns? We can still help you! Rather than send them to Pais, we can send Pais to you. We can equip them with Coaching – our experts using Pais’ mentoring academy; Consultation – visits from our staff who will appraise your youth ministry, provide reports and training; Conferences – a season pass to our various training events; and Resources – online training videos, downloadable packs & media. Learn more

Whether it is by “joining the movement” or “adopting the mission”, our heart is to help you in the three key areas of Mission, Discipleship and Study.
Pais can help make missionaries of the young people in your church and put missionaries into your schools. We are missionaries making missionaries!

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For more information, you can check out the FAQ. If you still have a question or are interested in partnering with us, you can contact us through the form below.

About the Pais Movement

Pais exists to spark a global movement where the saints’ primary concern is the Kingdom of God and they are equipped to advance it in their world. Are you interested in learning more about Pais and our distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study?


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