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You can partner with Pais by proving invaluable support to your son or daughter. Watch them grow into the person of God you always believed they can be.


First, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to any parent whose son or daughter has been on Pais or is currently serving with Pais. As parents, we know that encouraging your child in their pursuit of their dreams is an honorable but scary thing to do.

We appreciate all parents that encourage their sons or daughters to join Pais as an apprentice. We also know, however, that you may have questions such as “It’s free, it’s great training, so what’s the catch?” Another might be “Who will they stay with?” and “Is this leading anywhere?” With this in mind, please take a few moments to browse our frequently asked questions for parents and to take a look at the stories below.

What parents say

The Ward’s Story

The experience really matured our daughter in ways that, left in our hands, would have never occurred. This helped her in character and independence as well as giving her confidence in public speaking. The impact of this has been to help her in life during college and beyond!


The Randall’s Story

We are very impressed with the depth of teaching that he receives which is shaping him into a mature man of God. He is surrounded by great leaders within Pais and also in the local churches.

Kim Walsh’s Story

It was clear that she should go, but I was trying to force my plans on her. I decided to give her over to God’s direction. I can see how the experience is molding her and using her to expand His kingdom as He fills her heart with His love and her head with His knowledge.

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