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You can partner with Pais by inviting a local team into your school.

We provide this service free of charge.

Invite Pais

Do you want to reinforce a culture of positive character and provide additional role models? Pais can provide you with young adult leaders who challenge and develop the students in your school.

Pais provides a team of 3-5 apprentices for an entire school year. They are trained, equipped and resourced by experienced school workers and teachers. Each week they are available to serve the school, connecting with students as positive role models and emphasizing school values.

Pais apprentices can provide interactive lessons, clubs and will mentor students. They teach on a variety of topics from leadership, character development, conflict management and bullying to study skills.
Each apprentice has completed a thorough background check and will also complete any further background checks your school requires.
Apprentices are professional and trained to represent your school and its values.

Other references from educational institutions are available.

Our Promise to Schools

This Charter applies to the conduct of Pais apprentices whilst on a school campus.

Pais teaching is used to train Pais members in all areas of our work including church activities, detached outreach, community development, work in orphanages, and leadership development of which public schools work is one of the most important areas.

As the laws, rules, etiquette, and guidelines change in every Pais nation, even from school to school, we have created a charter as a guide for the individual teams. The charter ensures that Pais members take the training they are given and apply it within the confines of both the law and expectations of the schools that they partner with.

To that end, every member of every Pais nation has signed the Charter of Conduct below and has received training in the application of our Charter of Conduct during their Foundational Training.

This is in order to ensure that we follow Jesus’ example of serving those who ask for help, rather than pushing our teaching on those who have not given us permission to do so.

Please note that this general ethos is already in place but that the mandatory signing of the charter by Pais members will be effective by August 2018.

The Charter for School Engagement

  1. We commit to abide by the legal parameters of the nation and schools we serve in.
  2. We commit to work within the specific boundaries set out for us by the schools we serve.
  3. We commit to strive for excellence in any presentation or service offered to a school.
  4. We commit to ensuring our members are background checked before they serve a school.
  5. We commit to never tolerate physical or verbal abuse towards students or staff by any Pais members.
  6. We commit to transparency in schools regarding the faith upon which our organization is based.
  7. We commit not to teach any other worldview other than Christianity.
  8. We commit not to disparage, demean or denounce any students life-style choice.

Contact us

For more information, you can check out the FAQ. If you still have a question or are interested in partnering with us, you can contact us through the form below.

About the Pais Movement

Pais exists to spark a global movement where the saints’ primary concern is the Kingdom of God and they are equipped to advance it in their world. Are you interested in learning more about Pais and our distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study?


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