Have you noticed there are two types of Christianity? While the Christian-centric gospel prioritizes personal transformation, the Kingdom-centric gospel compels us to transform our world. Both are Christianity, but one represents the kind of religion Jesus witnessed and the other, the kind He wanted. 

In his latest book, Kingdom Centric: Reframing Christianity, Paul Clayton Gibbs guides you through a series of awkward questions to help align your thoughts and practices to God’s true purpose for your life. When God’s people return to who He created us to be and lead others to do the same, we give God what He wants: His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Take the free appraisal to discover how Kingdom-centric you are, and then use the ten ‘pivots’ in this book to revolutionize your relationship with God. 

If you have ever questioned whether the Christianity you experience is what Jesus had in mind, you will find this book revolutionary, practical, and full of insights that make sense.

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Paul Clayton Gibbs

is the Founder and Global Director of Pais Movement, he has planted and repurposed churches in both the UK and USA. He travels globally providing consultancy and training to leaders. Paul is the author of several books including; ‘Talmidim – How To Disciple Anyone In Anything’.