Know Your Shape to Shape Your World

Take the ‘LIFE-SHAPES’ online personality appraisal. Find out who you are and what you can bring to the movement. Every one of us has strengths and weaknesses; that is why we are called to be inter-dependent not independent. Learning about your shape will help you understand the personal benefit you will gain from being part of Pais. Plus it will help you see the specific impact you can have on a Pais team.

How to take the appraisal

Note that this appraisal works best when it is done quickly without over-analyzing it. You will get the most accurate appraisal if you can do this quickly and without speaking to another person or asking other people for their thoughts.

To take the test, read the questions, and order the answers (by dragging them) according to how you feel, with 1 being the highest or most matching answer, and 4 being the least matching answer.

When you answered ALL the questions, press the ‘Discover your shape’ – button.