The Human Circle knows how things flow

You are able to bring to your world a charm that seeks to help others go the same direction. You understand the importance of getting on the same page, and that compromise is just an organic part of that. Others may sometimes find it hard to “get an angle on you” because some find it hard to grasp what is really going on inside you. You feel deeply, which therefore means you like to get to know yourself and others. You are interested in people, and you see the best in them that others sadly sometimes miss.

What You Can Bring To The Movement

Circles benefit the work of Pais by bringing compassion and harmony into the lives of the team, and those it reaches. You will help create an environment that is encouraging and therefore motivate others into action. This is very helpful because we want the message of the Kingdom presented in a way that helps individuals see that they are important to God. We value you because we believe the world needs a new kind of person, not a new kind of program.

How a Pais Apprenticeship will help you shape your future

Circles can have a personality that is warm and endearing. Being a Circle does not automatically make you caring, but it means you have the people skills to help others. You like to share, help and listen. You are optimistic and you probably don’t even realize the positive feeling that you give to others.
A Pais apprenticeship will help you grow in compassion because you will connect with people on a much deeper level than you may have had a chance to do before. We will share with you not only know how to listen, but how to respond. An apprenticeship will train you to help people to an even greater extent than you have experienced in the past.
You are sensitive to others and sensitive to God. The unique training of Pais will not only help you discover God’s plan, it will give you an understanding of how God actually leads people, and train you to play a part in that process. Working with Pais will provide an opportunity to not only make new friends, but offer real answers to their questions.

Why Circles love Pais

It gives…
An opportunity to authentically connect with people.
A chance to win people over for God.
A place to dream dreams and see them realized.
An experience to get into people’s world and bring God’s Peace.

Life Shapes


The Human Square knows how things fit


The Human Star knows how things change


The Human Triangle sees things differently

LIFE-SHAPES is just one very small part of the things you will learn as you help spark the movement and make missionaries.
‘Life-Shapes’ was created by Pais Founder and Global Director, Paul Clayton Gibbs.
It is based on the following research: Validity & Reliability I, Reliability & Validity II, PATS, Interpersonal Communication for Md.Sch. Students.

‘LIFE-SHAPES’ – Just One Teaching Series On Pais

As part of a Pais apprenticeship you will also learn much more about your LIFE-SHAPE. You will discover what your special gifts are, and during the year learn how to develop them. You will be taught what stresses your ‘Shape’ out, how you probably react and how God can help you manage your weaknesses. You will learn about how you learn best. It is fascinating to notice how you see yourself and how others might see you. It may be at times a little scary, but importantly, you will be able to define yourself more clearly. This will help when communicating to others how you can best work with them, and how they can best work with you.