The Human Star knows how things change

You like to have fun and you have the ability to go with the flow. You are practical and like to solve the inevitable problems that will come up from time to time. The world will never stay the same and you know that. You don’t mind it; in fact it is often what switches you on. Your energy can light up a room if you believe in something, and you often find yourself convincing others of whatever that is. Just like a luminous star, your light appears and disappears. Sometimes you are ‘on’ and sometimes you are waiting in the background regaining your energy. When you do, you give energy to others.

What You Can Bring To The Movement

Stars tend to help the work of Pais be fun and exciting. You will help a team impact others in a way that is both relevant and enjoyable. You trust your gut instinct and it tells you that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This is key, because although the work of Pais is hard, and the message of Jesus is serious, we need to be presented in a way that is interesting and enjoyable to those we reach. You are a flexible person. We appreciate your spontaneity, as Pais is always moving forward, and new challenges happen every day.

How a Pais Apprenticeship will help you shape your future

Stars have a desire for fun and laughter. Being a Star does not guarantee that you have the world’s greatest sense of humor, but it does give you a special knack for injecting the need for excitement and variety into what you do. You like to serve, you are confident, and you are able to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

A Pais apprenticeship will help you grow in confidence in God. Our training means you will learn to work well with a team, but it gives plenty of opportunity for independence. It offers you the chance to use your natural wit and inventive behaviors. The Pais apprenticeship will give you the chance to take risks and try out some new ideas and programs that you will not find anywhere else.

If you want opportunity but accountability then the apprenticeship will provide this. Working with Pais will give you an experience that will act as a catalyst in your life. It will help you learn God’s ways “on-the-job”, and practically apply today what you learned only yesterday.

Why Stars love Pais

It gives…
An opportunity for practical application, not just classroom education.
A chance to see exciting new things that might otherwise not be seen.
A placement where things are constantly moving forward and adapting.
An experience with plenty of scope for individual growth.

Life Shapes


The Human Circle knows how things flow


The Human Square knows how things fit


The Human Triangle sees things differently

LIFE-SHAPES is just one very small part of the things you will learn as you help spark the movement and make missionaries.
‘Life-Shapes’ was created by Pais Founder and Global Director, Paul Clayton Gibbs.
It is based on the following research: Validity & Reliability I, Reliability & Validity II, PATS, Interpersonal Communication for Md.Sch. Students.

‘LIFE-SHAPES’ – Just One Teaching Series On Pais

As part of a Pais apprenticeship you will also learn much more about your LIFE-SHAPE. You will discover what your special gifts are, and during the year learn how to develop them. You will be taught what stresses your ‘Shape’ out, how you probably react and how God can help you manage your weaknesses. You will learn about how you learn best. It is fascinating to notice how you see yourself and how others might see you. It may be at times a little scary, but importantly, you will be able to define yourself more clearly. This will help when communicating to others how you can best work with them, and how they can best work with you.