The Human Triangle sees things differently

You like to understand “why” and tend to analyze things. You are interested in wisdom and things that work. Sometimes you may have a bit of an edge to you, but that is just because you know the importance of provoking new ideas. You like to ponder and you believe in process, but not always the process that everyone else has been going through. Triangles themselves tend to be seen differently from different angles because they can have high competency in one area, but be seen as incompetent in others as they are less interested in that area of life.

What You Can Bring To The Movement

Triangles tend to help the work of Pais be strategic and make sense. You are visionary and will probably strive towards competence, thereby helping your fellow team members settle for nothing less than what works. This is very helpful because we want the message of the Kingdom to be presented in a way that brings honor to God. You are an ideas person. We need fresh ideas, as Pais is constantly evolving and changing.

How a Pais Apprenticeship will help you shape your future

Triangles have a propensity for creativity and intelligence. Being a Triangle does not automatically make you clever, but it means you have the curiosity needed to be so. You like to think, reflect and strategize. Sometimes you do this so much that you don’t even realize you are doing it!
A Pais apprenticeship will help you grow in wisdom because our teaching and training is both thought-provoking and tends to approach things in a different way. The philosophy of Pais is unique and we spend a great deal of time explaining why we do what we do. Even in our Foundational Training Conference, the principles of the Kingdom and ministry are clearly outlined because, as you will especially understand, we need to teach how to think, not simply what to think.
If you want unique but Biblical input then the apprenticeship will provide this. Working with Pais will provide an experience, which will act as a catalyst in your life, helping you think through God’s plan for your life and how you can best advance His Kingdom.

Why Triangles love Pais

It gives…
An opportunity to authentically make a difference.
A chance to get involved with an intelligent strategy that can be reproduced by others.
A place to bring ideas and see if they work.
An experience to reflect on the principles, patterns and practices of the Kingdom.

Life Shapes


The Human Square knows how things fit


The Human Star knows how things change


The Human Circle knows how things flow

LIFE-SHAPES is just one very small part of the things you will learn as you help spark the movement and make missionaries.
‘Life-Shapes’ was created by Pais Founder and Global Director, Paul Clayton Gibbs.
It is based on the following research: Validity & Reliability I, Reliability & Validity II, PATS, Interpersonal Communication for Md.Sch. Students.

‘LIFE-SHAPES’ – Just One Teaching Series On Pais

As part of a Pais apprenticeship you will also learn much more about your LIFE-SHAPE. You will discover what your special gifts are, and during the year learn how to develop them. You will be taught what stresses your ‘Shape’ out, how you probably react and how God can help you manage your weaknesses. You will learn about how you learn best. It is fascinating to notice how you see yourself and how others might see you. It may be at times a little scary, but importantly, you will be able to define yourself more clearly. This will help when communicating to others how you can best work with them, and how they can best work with you.