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In a nation where we were told that Pais could never happen, the Pais Project is now successfully thriving and advancing. By the simple faith of one miracle-believing youth pastor, the first Pais team was established and has been moving forward from strength to strength.

Arguably the world’s most influential nation, the USA was built on a belief in Jesus. Schools are looking for positive role models and churches are beginning to ask if a traditional program-driven youth ministry really is working. Both are seeking answers. At Pais, we believe that we have the creative solutions that are beginning to answer the questions that so many are asking.

From the snow-capped mountains of Colorado to the open plains of Texas and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, the beautiful shorelines of Florida or California to the busy Cities of New York, LA or Chicago, the USA is BIG. Pais USA offers a huge opportunity! We have big churches with multiple well-resourced Pais teams inspired by great possibilities. Joining Pais USA gives you a chance to help us shape the way youth ministry is done. Our innovative ideas continue to gain public recognition and Pais USA offers a fantastic opportunity to train for future greatness.

Team Testimony

Our Pais Arlington Mosaic Team had an amazing opportunity to show Christ love to a local football team meeting a practical need in the lives of these athletes!

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We strive to bring Kingdom Minded communities, to collaborate in ministry techniques together.

Pais USA

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