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We provide training, accommodation and meals completely free of charge, but if you are joining an overseas Pais team, you will be expected to meet the cost of your airfare and visa expenses. There may also be additional expenses for vaccinations or health examinations, if required by the country to which you are applying. We recommend that you plan for monthly personal expenses as well.

Yes, you will need to raise some personal support for recreation, clothing and personal items. The recommended amounts vary for each nation and this will be explained in your interview.

Experienced Pais staff, visiting speakers and coaches will train you. Training consists of three weeks of Foundational Training at the beginning of each year, at least three training conferences throughout the year, weekly interactive video teaching from the Founding Director, and bi-weekly mentoring. There are over 200 hours of seminary-style training on Pais with an additional 150 hours of Biblical study.

Usually our apprentices are placed in a host home. The host home is generally a family from the local church where you will have your own private room.

The application deadline varies according to the nation you are applying for. There are generally two intakes: January and August. The sooner you apply, the more likely you will be offered a place in your first choice nation.

All Pais apprentices are full-time, unpaid and are not allowed to take employment elsewhere. There are, however, paid staff positions available and those who commit long-term are often placed within churches that may supplement their income.

Please take a look at the course you are specifically interested in. If you have any further questions, please contact us here and we will respond as soon as possible.

In most cases, you will need to speak the language of the country to which you are applying to be able to communicate effectively. If you know the country you are specifically interested in, please fill in the contact form and you can ask the question directly.

Yes, but this is nation specific. Generally you will be given one day off per week which is usually a Saturday. There will be other time given at the discretion of your leaders.

Generally speaking you will receive time off at Christmas and Easter. There may be other national holidays you will receive and you can be informed of these in your interview.

You would need two references: one from your minister and the other from a professional who has known you for two years. Neither can be a family member. If your minister has not known you for two years, then you can still apply but please give reasons for this.

This depends entirely on the nation you are applying to. If you know the country you are specifically interested in, please fill in the contact form and you can ask the question directly.

If you are traveling overseas, this may be required depending on the nation you are traveling to. If you know the country you are specifically interested in, please fill in the contact form and you can ask the question directly.

For Pais Project and Pais Infrastructure, the minimum age required is 18. For Pais Collective and Pais Venture, it is 21. This is due to the expectations of the various partnerships we have for each course.

You do not need any academic qualifications in order to join Pais; however, we do assess the strength of your relationship with Christ and look for evidence of you being a committed member serving within your local church. Your general skill set will also be appraised to see whether you are a good fit for Pais.

The first step is to submit the short form, which has basic information for us to be able to engage you with our application system.

You’ll receive an email, which will help you set up your Applicant Account. Follow the prompts in the email until it takes you to the login, and fill in the rest of your application. If you don’t receive this email, please check the SPAM folder. Also, it is possible that you used an invalid email, so you will need to apply again with the correct email.

You may re-enter your application at any time to finish your application.

If no one reaches out to you within 2 weeks of starting your application, please email us at personnel@paismovement.com

Once you finish your application, we will process it and determine if we would like to interview with you. If so, someone will reach out to you to schedule an interview from your nation(if Pais exists there) or the nation you’re applying to (if you do not live in a Pais nation).

Please fill out all of the questions, and don’t leave anything blank!

We are glad you asked. Please contact us and either the Pais Director in your nation or someone representing the international branch of Pais will get in touch with you. You will then be asked to fill in the appropriate application form.

To download a pdf of the Goals & Expectations, please click on either one of the following three links:

For answers to the most common question please see below.

  • A good role model to young people providing Christian values and an example of Kingdom living.
  • A committed youth worker who will attend Sunday services, midweek meetings, and be fully involved in the vision of the church.
  • A young adult who is being trained on a weekly basis and is growing in their skills and competence every month.
  • An apprentice who will commit to the full year with the church.
  • An apprentice with a track record of being committed to their local Christian church where they will have been an active member.
  • A detailed role description for an apprentice can be obtained from Pais in your nation or a generic one can be requested through our contact form.

Yes. When applicants apply to Pais, they have to provide a reference from their minister, a written testimony, a video about themselves, as well as filling in the online application form. Once you have applied for a Pais team, we will offer you prospective candidates who we feel would fit your requirements. At this time, you will have an opportunity to assess each candidate and interview him or her before agreeing to accept. Interviews may be done in person, via Skype or phone. Please note that the sooner churches apply for a Pais team or apprentice, the more options they will have available.

To request a full church partnership pack for the nation you are in, please fill in the Contact form. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

  • Provide the maximum opportunities for the Pais team to minister in the way they have been trained to do so.
  • Provide proactive pastoral support for the apprentices.
  • Provide accommodation and meals for the apprentices with a host family who are church members.
  • Pay the operating cost and partner with us in paying the developmental cost (please see next question).
  • To read, understand, and agree to the church partnership form presented by Pais in the nation you are a part of.

We recommend that the apprentice stays with the same family for the whole year, but we are open for them to stay with up to three host families if necessary.

There are two costs to run a Pais team: The Operating Cost and the Developmental Cost.
A church is responsible to pay the operating cost and is requested to pay the developmental cost. Due to the low economical cost of having a Pais team, many churches decide to cover both costs. As the costs vary from nation to nation, to find out the specific cost please ask the question directly by filling in the contact form.

The cost of a Pais team can be paid in installments. Churches are required to pay a minimum 25% deposit at the beginning of the year with ongoing monthly payments.

  • There is a generic agreement on Pais as to how often an apprentice will be at various meetings. The required minimum is Sunday services, one mid-week evening meeting such as a Bible study or home group, and one other evening meeting corresponding to the group they are ministering to. During the week, other evenings may be taken up as the apprentices disciple their mentees. Therefore, no more should be expected from a Pais apprentice. However, if they wish to be more fully involved, we are happy for them to do so.
  • You should not expect an apprentice to work during the special holidays and vacations listed in the church partnership pack.
  • You should not expect an apprentice to work during any Pais conferences listed in the church partnership pack, unless previously agreed upon with the National Director.

Pais sees any apprentice as an adult in their own right. They are viewed by Pais as any employer or university may view them.

Individuals, families, or couples in the local church provide accommodation and a private room for Pais apprentices. They are always committed members of the church, well-known to the leadership, and chosen for their maturity.

Pais provides training, accommodation, and meals completely free of charge but if an apprentice is joining an overseas Pais team they will be expected to meet the cost of their airfare and visa expenses. There may also be additional expenses for vaccinations or health examinations if required by the country to which they are applying. We recommend planning for a monthly stipend for personal expenses.

Generally speaking, they will receive time off at Christmas and Easter. There may be other national holidays they will receive, and they can be informed of these in their interview. They will also have one official day off per week, plus time on Sundays when they are not involved in meetings. On average, they will have around 4 free evenings per week.

The church where your son/daughter is placed will give pastoral support. In addition, Pais has a personnel director who coordinates with church placements and team leaders in order to make sure all apprentices are being cared for. In their Foundational Training, apprentices will be informed of the process they can use to gain extra pastoral support.

The short answer is yes. However, this may depend on the time of year and therefore the schedule of your son/daughter. Visits may be previously arranged by the apprentice with their Pais leader. These normally take place during holiday periods or when the apprentice has a light workload. We do ask that apprentices first check with their Pais leader before encouraging anybody to come and visit them.

Pais allows apprentices to return home during allocated holiday/vacation periods providing they have the funds necessary. Any leave requested outside these dates would need to be considered carefully by the Pais Directorship. We do not allow apprentices to go home for general family events unless this has been agreed in advance, or is determined by Pais as the result of serious family tragedy.

All apprentices are asked to provide their emergency contact details. In the case of emergency, the Pais nation in which they are serving will contact you and work with you to help them. Non-emergencies will be taken care of by the church and Pais locally, and we would expect the apprentice to inform you.

The answer is yes. If you know the country they are specifically interested in, please fill in the contact form of that nation’s page and ask the question directly.

We will do our best to assign you an apprentice who fits to your family. Every apprentice fills out a survey, which identifies things like their likes and dislikes, preferred food and entertainment. Also it asks about any medical needs, allergies or reactions to medications, or other personal needs. All necessary insurance information will be given to you by the apprentice as well as personal phone numbers. You, as hosts, will also fill out a survey covering any personal information you would like to record for your apprentice’s benefit. Where at all possible, every effort will be made to appropriately match families and apprentices based on personalities, likes, dislikes, allergies, etc.!

It does not matter whether you are single, a family, old or young, you could be a host. However, you need to be willing to submit a Background check. We ask our hosts to go through the hosts pack with a Paias host liaison and to attend the host informational meeting, this is normally held at the church where the team will be serving. The meeting gives hosts an opportunity to ask more questions.

As a host family, you are asked to provide the apprentice with a bed, some personal space,  a separate bedroom where they can have quiet/down time, and food for three meals a day. You do not need to cover costs like cell phone bills, hygiene products, health costs or freetime activities as these should be covered by the apprentice.

Every family is different. You will have an individual hosting experience. But if you would like to see an example of what hosting could look like, you can take a look at this video

To make this a good experience for everybody, we encourage the families to incorporate the apprentice into the family’s life as best as they can. That means: include the apprentice in family activities but also in helping in the household chores.

The host family is not responsible for their apprentice’s transportation. Team leaders will organize transport for Pais ministry purposes

The host liaison in your church will be here to act as a bridge between the host home and the apprentice.

We are asking that every month, the host liaison intentionally connect with each host family to ask questions and establish how the relationship is going. With these regular conversations, it provides the host liaison with the opportunity to ensure everything is running smoothly, and to bring advice and counsel in any areas that could use improvement.

The host liaison will try to make sure this experience would be a good one for the host family and the apprentice.

You are not legally responsible for them. All of the apprentices are at least 18 years old and have legal capacity.

You can sign up for hosting temporarily during conferences (1 to 3 weeks).

If you would like to support an apprentice throughout their whole commitment, you would either host for 11 or 17 months. Also, you can host for a part of their year in a short increment.

Most of the apprentices arrive in August and leave in June. However, there are apprentices that come in January and stay for 18 months.

Host families are Pais Champions and hosting is something that is volunteered by the host home to be able to make the Pais gap year free for Pais missionaries. When we ask people to host we are letting the host know that this will be a sacrifice of their resources for the Kingdom of God. Hosting is an amazing way to support local mission and youth ministry and hosts are just as much a part of what God is doing in Pais as the missionary they are hosting.

In most instances, the apprentices serve in the same church as their hosts. Although this is preferred, this is not mandatory! If your church does not have a Pais team, you can still support us by hosting an apprentice.

If you already know the host liaison of your church, feel free to ask them any questions.

If not, you can contact our Global Personnel Director here: andreataylor@paismovement.com

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Clem & Hanani

Pais India National Directors

Tell us a little about yourselves

My name is Clement, and my wife Hanani and I are based in Chennai, India. We’ve been part of Pais for quite some time—I joined in 2011, and Hanani followed after we married in 2015. Together, we lead teams across India, with our head office in Chennai. 

Why did you join Pais?

In my final year of college, God revealed my calling. I embraced the principle of making “Jesus’ last commandment my first,” as in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples.” Years later, I discovered Pais, whose vision perfectly aligned with my calling. Joining Pais felt like stepping into God’s plan for me, allowing me to passionately pursue the mission of not just spreading the Gospel but making disciples.

Why did you become a Pais National Directors?

Honestly, I never imagined becoming a National Director—it wasn’t on my vision board, but definitely on God’s. Global leaders chose me while I was a team leader in Pais, England, in 2013. I accepted the role and returned to India. Pais is a movement, not just an organization. This isn’t just a job; it’s my calling and responsibility to make Jesus known. So here I am, humbly serving and loving every minute of it—that’s Pais life!

What impact are you seeing?

Over the years, we’ve seen a profound impact. By engaging and empowering youth and adults, training them to disciple others. By providing comprehensive mentoring programs, those we equip are growing in leadership and bringing positive change to communities through arts, music, and sports. So much so that IndianBible Colleges ask us to equip their students and many future leaders to join us and receive the unique training we offer.

How has the Pais organization equipped you?

As a National Director, I receive monthly training and mentorship, which I then pass on to our teams and students. We are provided numerous resources and guidance each month, supported by an amazing global team that is available to assist us almost anytime. This support helps us effectively reach young people and develop the skills to disciple others.

Kirby & Drea

Pais North America National Directors

Tell us a little about yourselves

We met through Pais while serving as part of the Pais Apprenticeship in Brazil. We married and have a beautiful daughter named Penny. Drea is from Georgia, and Kirby is from Texas. We are based in Arlington, Texas, and love this city!

Why did you join Pais?

We wanted to join a missions organization that focused on discipleship. We are passionate about serving God and seeing His Kingdom advance. The Pais Apprenticeship was free and offered us that opportunity. We love the people we serve and how we can now grow as a family in the principles of the Kingdom.

Why did you become a Pais National Directors?

When Kirby saw the opening for the position, the Lord revealed that this was his next step. Drea had been involved as part of the Global Team based in Arlington, so once Kirby joined, Drea wanted to serve alongside him. This has allowed us to reach cities across our nation and bring a different mindset and methodology to the Church in North America—something we are excited to have the opportunity to do.

What impact are you seeing?

We have seen a lot of fruit, especially in this second year of leading. Our Youth Academy grew by 300% this year. We have students sharing the Gospel in the schools, leading Bible studies, and discipling their friends in ministry. Many have been integrated into the local church. Some of our apprentices this year grew tremendously in their leadership capacity, and we have the privilege of sending them to different regions where they can take the Kingdom’s DNA with them. Communities are leaning in, asking for help, and the movement is growing!

How has the Pais organization equipped you?

Pais has helped us grow in leadership and taught us about Jesus’ way of discipleship. Through the regular Pais mentorship process, we have been developed by being both mentored and mentoring others. This experience has enhanced our leadership skills and encouraged us to make a national impact. The teaching has guided our decision-making and helped us build stronger character. We resonate deeply with the Kingdom-centric teaching and strive to apply it in everything we do. This has changed the lens through which we see the world, filling our lives with Kingdom experiences here on Earth.

Daniel & Fortunate

Pais Nigeria National Directors

Tell us a little about yourselves

My name is Daniel Najombong, my wife is Annie Fortunate, and we are blessed with two children, Danielle and Shalom-Wofai. I was born into a family of Catholics and Methodists and saw the need to do something for God to change our world and joined Pais in 2016… I haven’t looked back since!

Why did you join Pais?

I realized God was calling me to do something bigger and I have found that joining gave God an opportunity to do even more in me and those we minister to than I could have imagined.

Why did you become Pais National Directors?

In 2020, a gap emerged as the previous National Director and some of my peers left for a new assignment. I chose to stay and took the leadership position to see more lives across Nigeria experience genuine transformation. It’s been four years, and God has been incredibly faithful.

What impact are you seeing?

Since 2020, we have planted more teams in different States and gained a national presence. Today, we work with university students, recruit people from diverse backgrounds, and have a full-time team at a boarding school in Abuja. Due to our reputation, the government sends us National Youth Service volunteers. All of this has increased our impact, which keeps growing, and our vision is slowly being fulfilled.

How has the Pais organization equipped you?

First, my leadership skills have greatly improved through mentoring sessions with the Founding Director and others, allowing me to communicate confidently with people at all levels. My scripture study has been sharpened through Haverim, enabling us to better disciple those we evangelize. Second, I’ve become a better team builder by managing personalities from Nigeria’s various tribes, each with a unique culture. Third, working with people worldwide at African summits, global summits, and hangouts has given me a global outlook. Finally, my relationship with God and faith in His word has strengthened. We have learned to trust God completely and believe Him for everything.

Jessie Skelly

Pais Australia National Director

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Jessie from Australia. My family and I love the outdoors, the beach, and adventures. I have been in ministry since 2011, and I’m passionate about providing everyone the opportunity to discover Jesus!

Why did you join Pais?

I have a real heart for the next generation. I am particularly excited about the work we do in schools; it is one of the most effective ways to impact as many young people as possible. It makes sense; someone else has bought the building, organized the curriculum, and paid the bills. We just need to turn up, serve the school, and get the message out.

Why did you become a Pais National Director? 

I care about people and enjoy networking with others. I’m passionate and love to share vision. I want to inspire more people to give up their lives for the gospel’s sake. Being a National Director allows me to do this on a national level. I can use my gift to make a genuine difference.

What impact are you seeing? 

We are seeing people come to faith. Youth groups and drop-in centres have started. Young people are equipped with simple tools to disciple their friends. The Youth Academy we run gives us the mechanism to recruit young people for their Kingdom purposes, and more and more churches are leaning in to use our methodology. We are seeing growth and believe greater things lie ahead!

How has the Pais organization equipped you?

The teaching and training on Pais are really practical. I have loved wrestling with the idea of being kingdom-centric; it’s a message the wider church needs to hear and apply. The methodologies are reproducible and accessible to ordinary Aussies like me. This further equips me to turn vision into reality in the nation I love!