North America

South America


Experience Australia and discover true excitement!

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Experience Brazil and experience God’s passion!

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Experience Canada and the beauty of God’s creation!

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Experience England and a wave after wave of missionaries!

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Experience Germany and the heart of Europe!

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Experience Ghana and you will experience revival!

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Experience India and experience God’s mystery!

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Experience Kenya and serve in the ‘Seat of God’!

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New Zealand

Experience New Zealand and find a new adventure!

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Experience Nigeria and the heart of Africa!

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Northern Ireland

Experience Northern Ireland and the vastness of its beauty!

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Experience the Philippines and reach the Pearl of the Orient.

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Details not disclosed for security reasons.

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Experience Scotland and fight for the heart of the king!

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South Africa

Experience South Africa and add colour to the Rainbow Nation!

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Experience the USA and influence the world!

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Global HQ

Join our Global HQ and make a Global difference!

Work with the Founder of Pais as part of a team of Specialists. Be at the very hub that develops ideas and resources for the Pais Movement and its missionaries worldwide on six continents. Don’t just equip one nation; equip the world!

Pais Global is based in sunny Texas where our exciting teams support and equip Pais in the many nations of the world. A position here offers an opportunity to work at the very heart of Pais and to interact daily with its members in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. If you have the whole world on your heart, if you think big, if you have a work ethic that says ‘work hard, play hard,’ then this might be the greatest place you can do Pais. Plus, you get to meet people from all over the world and have the possibility to travel there as well!

Choose one of our five Specialist Apprenticeships and you can gain a certificate in non-profit management.

Pioneer a New Nation

Spark a global movement!
If you are someone who would be interested in seeing Pais come to your nation or becoming a National Director or Regional Director for Pais, then we would love to talk to you.

Typically our leaders are grown through Pais; many start as apprentices but pioneer Pais in a new nation. Recently however, we have seen an increase in interest from other nations and are now providing the possibility of those currently outside of Pais to become National Directors.

The role of a National Director is to oversee the work of Pais, resourced by our Global Team. Each nation is autonomous but has very strong relational links with every other nation on Pais. As Pais grows, a salary will be provided for the National Director. This role suits someone with a long-term commitment.

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