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Pais Australia has opened up much quicker than we thought due to the passion of the churches wishing to impact their communities and cities! It is a vibrant, positive nation where schools and churches are ready to welcome Pais.
Australia is bright and modern, yet even though it is in Australasia, it is still struggling with the same issues that many western nations have. The opportunity to affect a nation built around just a few cities is incredible. We want to be a catalyst in what some call ‘Paradise on Earth,’ and we need adventurers to bring God’s adventure to the young people!

Joining Pais Australia will empower you to be a Kingdom pioneer as part of a larger movement that is reaching young people all over the world. You will interact with those not just in Australia, but will be encouraged, trained, and connected with people from many nationalities, all looking to advance the Kingdom of God in their world. Pais Australia is a Kingdom adventure just waiting to happen!

Required language: English

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Youth Academy Launches!

Pais Australia is ready to train hundreds of Australians in their new launched Youth Academy

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Pat & Sara Kliever

Pat and Sara Kliever are originally from Germany and joined Pais Australia in 2016.
They carry a deep passion for advancing Gods Kingdom through discipleship. Their heart is to see Australians join the movement of disciple making.


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64 Billabirra Crescent
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