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Founded in January 2012, Pais Brazil is our first adventure into South America. A nation of opposites that sit side-by-side with each other, Brazil combines gorgeous packed beaches and the dark mysterious wilderness of the amazon jungle. It has one of the world’s fastest growing economies and yet the very rich live next to the extreme poverty of the infamous ‘favelas’. It is deeply religious with a high Catholic population, and yet street crime is out of hand in many of its cities. Best known for its famously colorful carnival, Brazil is home to some of the most colorful people of the world!

Brazil’s variety presents the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone into an unknown world. If you join Pais Brazil, you will have the opportunity to work in the public schools where the doors are wide open for us to serve. Here, many young people dream of a better life but feel trapped due to the system which broadly offers a poor education. Also, there is the opportunity to work alongside families who live in the favelas of Brazil.
The great news? Brazilian people are open, and when they grab hold of our teachings, then nothing matches their passion for the Kingdom!

Required language: Portuguese or Spanish

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national directors

Anderson & Mônica Moraes

As missionaries, they lived in the city of Teresina / Piauí for six years working with children and adolescents at risk, as well as with their families. The couple has a heart for the youth of Brazil, so as National Directors of Pais Brazil, they will continue their quest to bring young people into an encounter with Jesus. They have a baby boy, Théo, who is already in the missionary field with them.


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