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Kirby Taylor

Kirby is a Pais alumni and has served with us on a voluntary base several times of the years. He is from Texas and he is married to the Pais Global Personnel Director, whom he met while serving on Pais Brazil in 2016 & 2017. Kirby has a lot of fresh ideas to bring to the organization and is thrilled and expectant to see Pais North America flourish!

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US immigration ban does not affect Pais – we are still accepting applicants for January and August!

Canada is one of the most diverse nations in the world.

It’s filled with natural and unique beauties unlike any other country in the world. Yet, due to its diverse nature, Christianity in Canada only makes up 23% of the population.

For the youth of Canada there is a real need in sharing the Gospel, and empowering young people to pursue their faith in Jesus.

There are vast amounts of opportunities for spiritual growth by mentoring, working in schools, and youth ministries to share the Gospel. In a country in need of a Spiritual awakening, would you take on the challenge of becoming a missionary with Pais Canada sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Required language: English


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