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England is part of Great Britain, which is a royal nation whose anthem is a prayer, “God Save the Queen.” Once known for its Christian pioneers who abolished slavery and founded the education system, it now finds itself with an altogether different reputation these days. From binge drinking to rioting, many young people in this nation have low aspirations with poor role models.

Alongside the sociological challenges, you will also find the religious and ethnical diversity on this relatively small island astounding.

Pais England offers a free mission year and the chance to be on the forefront of the movement in a post-Christian and post-modern world. After 20 years of pioneering, many of the schools are wide open and allow us to reach every ethnic group with the positive message of Jesus. You can share your faith in schools and communities alongside the rich and the poor, black and white, Muslim and Sikh.

We have the open doors, specialist teams and the tools to disciple; we just need those who are willing to take the step to join us in making England once again great.

Pete & Bryony Baker

Pete and Bryony live in the north of England with their two daughters. They have a huge heart for people and their passion is to create a wave after wave movement of missionaries that erodes the kingdom of darkness. In their spare time they enjoy eating good food, watching good films and spending time with good friends.

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