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Germany is in the heart of Europe and impacts other nations through its politics and economy. However, even spiritual changes such as the Reformation by Martin Luther in the 16th century came from Germany.

Today Germany is famous for its efficiency, great cars and the world famous Oktoberfest. Below the surface many Germans are looking for a new and positive identity. The church is at a point where change is not only necessary but desired by many.

Become part of the movement in Germany, where you have many opportunities to spread the Christian faith in schools and cities. Show people what it means to have their own identity shaped by Jesus.

Get the best of Pais training and support. Unlike other Pais nations, you even receive a small stipend. We have the opportunities, the training and the tools; we only need those who are willing to put God’s kingdom first and bring revival to Germany.

Required language: German

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Your growth

Be trained to equip others. Receive many hours of training and mentoring. To learn more follow Pais Germany on Instagram.

Our teams

Since 2003 we have worked with 49 churches. Apply today and become part of this movement in Germany.

His Kingdom

Experience and learn about God’s Kingdom and what He truly cares about. Discover His heart through bible study, discipleship and being on mission.

national directors

Jan & Verena Thomsen

Jan and Verena Thomsen are the National Directors of Pais in Germany. They love to find the most effective way to advance God’s Kingdom and are passionate about the future of their nation!


national directors

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