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Founded in June 2013, Pais India is an incredibly exciting opportunity to work in the second most populous nation in the world! India is a nation of great diversity, wealth and power. Opportunity and innovation sit side by side with extreme poverty and the complexities of the ‘caste’ system. A primarily Hindu nation, many Indian city skylines are dominated by palatial temples whilst its roads are filled with cars, motorcycles, richshaws, cattle, camels and even the mighty elephant!

Pais has open doors across the Tamil Nadu region in Southern India. Chennai is one its most prominent cities, famously the home of MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings and the second longest beach in the world. It is also the home to some of the world’s most deprived children. What can you do? Many people feel helpless watching the plight of children in poverty on the TV screens. Now you can be a part of Pais India, learning new skills and changing the lives of young people as you disciple them to be missionaries that make missionaries! India can change, and you will be transformed as you do it!

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Clement & Hanani Prince

After training for two years in Great Britain, Clement returned to his native home of Chennai, on the southeast coast, where he planted Pais India. He is keen to see the youth of his nation rise up and change the nation of India.

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