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Pioneer Pais In a New Nation

If you are someone who would be interested in seeing Pais come to your nation or becoming a National Director or Regional Director for Pais, then we would love to talk to you. Typically our leaders are grown through Pais; many start as apprentices but pioneer Pais in a new nation. Recently however, we have seen an increase in interest from other nations and are now providing the possibility of those currently outside of Pais to become National Directors.

The role of a National Director is to oversee the work of Pais, resourced by our Global Team. Each nation is autonomous but has very strong relational links with every other nation on Pais. As Pais grows, a salary will be provided for the National Director. This role suits someone with a long-term commitment.

The role of the Director is three-fold:

Vision – The Director ensures the vision of Pais is fully implemented. We have a guide for this as the Movement grows in your nation through its various stages.

Recruitment – Pais will send apprentices to your nation. The role of the National Director is to work with us and recruit people from your nation to work with you or to go on Pais with another nation, perhaps returning as a leader to your country.

Finances – There are two costs to running Pais teams. The operating cost and the developmental cost. The operating cost is provided through churches who give a donation towards each apprentice that they have serving with them. The developmental costs are the finances that are raised in that nation for infrastructure, training, and mentoring for its apprentices. These finances go towards the National Director and their team.

What Pais Will Provide

This list is almost endless.

Strategy – We have tested and documented strategies for every aspect of Pais that we can provide for you.

Mentoring – All National Directors are mentored in the role on a monthly basis. New National Directors are often provided with a leadership mentor and also a strategy mentor.

Communication – Our Global Communication Director can easily be reached and will make sure you are aware of all the resources and latest news.

Media – We have graphics or video packages for almost everything that Pais does. These are provided by the Global Media Director and are either complete or may need a little tweaking to make them nationally relevant. All these packages are editable.

Personnel – The process of recruitment, application, and placement of our apprentices is overseen by the Global Personnel Director. This person will work with you every step of the way doing some of the work for you.

Finance – Pais will not provide finance from a central reserve but from the budget of Pais in the nation that the National Director leads. Pais Global will, however, give you the credibility of an international organization to help raise finances for the work in your nation. We will also give you our cause marketing program which utilizes the reputation of Pais internationally and allows you to raise money from businesses. We will provide encouragement and accountability to take a salary as Pais brings in funds. Our Global Finance Director will also lend support and direction, and give you programs to help you in all this.

Training – Perhaps one of the most attractive elements of Pais is our distinctive approach to Mission, Discipleship, and Study. Our Global Training Director can help you with everything from conferences, resources, and policies. Each of our conferences are already organized and much of the material is already prepared. 90% of our conferences and training events simply need to be executed, but most of its content can be provided to you from day 1.

What Makes a Good National Director

In our minds, the ideal National Director fulfills the following 4 elements:

Competence – We do not expect a new National Director to know everything about Pais, but the ideal person has a passion for their nation and an entrepreneurial nature. They are visionary and work well with people. They are either good organizers or have the ability to draw people around them who can organize and execute the systems and structures of Pais.

Chemistry – A good National Director is someone who has a high commitment to relationship with us. They will be easily contactable and find us easy to connect with. They will commit to two international conferences per year: a Global Summit somewhere in the world and a Mini Summit somewhere in their region of the world.

Commitment – A Pais National Director is committed not simply to their thing but to the whole thing. By this, we mean they show commitment to the work of the Kingdom and the international work of Pais, not just their own particular nation.

Character – Perhaps the most important of all is that we expect all our National Directors to have a high level of character and have an excellent reputation within their local Christian community. We expect them to display the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit and the Kingdom Principles that Pais teaches so often in schools and churches.

Next Steps

If you are interested in seeing Pais come to your nation/region of the world and would like a conversation with us about this, then please contact us about the following form and we will contact you.

Are you interested?

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