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The people of the Philippines are friendly, lovely, hospitable and compassionate. Tourism is a large industry in the Philippines. The Islands are known for the beautiful vegetation, mountains, beaches, and forests that draw people from all over the world. Therefore, they offer free visa entry to many different nations.

The Philippines has a special “Jesus Reigns Day” once a year to celebrate Jesus Christ among the three percent (3%) of the population who are Born-Again Christians. They also have a law declaring the last Monday of January as a special holiday in observance of ”National Bible Day”. The openness of the society, makes the Philippines an amazing opportunity to make a difference where the schools are wide open for the gospel. If you have a heart for young people, this could be the place for you to serve.

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national directors

Raphael & Relie Nyatuame

Raphael and Relie are the National Directors of our newest Pais Nation, the Philippines. Raphael, a Ghanaian born citizen, served on Pais Ghana for two years. His wife, Relie, who is from the Philippines has a heart for the people of her country. Their vision for Pais in the Philippines is to saturate the islands with the agape love of God, using mission, discipleship and study.

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#24 San Roque Sarrat, Ilocos Norte Philippines 2914

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