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Richard & Leearron Jumbe

Richard and Leearron are the Pioneering Directors of Pais South Africa. They met in England, when Richard was serving on Pais England. They both share a passion for developing people, equipping and empowering leaders of all ages. They strongly believe in raising leaders to be who God made them to be, enhancing the gifts and personality they were given by God to fulfill the call on their lives.

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South Africa (SA), better known as ´´The Rainbow Nation´´ can be perfectly summed up by one word, “beautiful”.

Scenery is just the tip of the iceberg. From culture to diversity all these characteristics have been knitted together to form this beautiful tapestry known as SA.

With all this beauty, excitement and history, SA has a strong outcry for spiritual needs. This Nation needs saving. Spiritually, SA knows no beauty. The harvest is in abundance, millions are spiritually starved, however, where are the laborers?

As an apprentice you will be joining a team of people that want to bridge that gap. A group that is committed to building, naturing and strengthening the spiritual needs that this country yearns for.


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