• Spirit of a Pioneer Assessment
  • Skills and Abilities Worksheet
  • Book Assessment
  • Questions for Paul

Please watch the feature-length documentary: Spirit of a Pioneer

  • Write a couple paragraphs of your thoughts on it below. Also, please state what you understand about our Mission, Discipleship and Study catalytic programs mentioned in the documentary.
  • Please mark yourself from 1-5 in the following categories:
    Ability to teach
    Ability to communicate quickly/efficiently
    Ability to organize teams & produce results
    Skills in structured Mentoring
    Ability to create workable structures
    Ability to learn
    Ability to manage personal time well
    Ability to inspire
    Ability to recruit
    Ability to work within larger structures
    Time Management
    Ability to use Social Media/Design well
    Networking Skills
  • Please write below the main points of the book that the founder, Paul Gibbs, has recommended for you.
  • List 3-4 questions you would like to ask during your interview with the Founding Director, Paul Gibbs. Once it is complete, the Global Personnel Director will schedule an interview with you and Mr. Gibbs.