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Apply to become a National Director for Pais Movement

To apply for a National Director position, you must pass through these 4 steps. We encourage you to build a relationship with us throughout this process with regular communication. We look forward to meeting you and learning your heart for this role. Also, we will be reaching out to you and speaking with you as you fulfill these steps.

Summary of Role: To lead and grow the Pais movement in a nation. Pais provides the infrastructure, training and a gigantic amount of support, logistics and systems. The ideal National Director must be proactive and able to lead young leaders.

Salary: National Directors do earn a salary from Pais. This is connected with the size of Pais in the nation that they are working. A ‘mature’ Pais nation should be able to provide a National Director with a healthy full-time salary and benefits. If a National Director is planting Pais in a nation, then for a period of time they may need external financial support. However, through the 2013 launch of our Cause Marketing program, even during this pioneering period, a National Director can receive funds.

  • Step 1 | Application
    Fill out the application form.
    The Global Personnel Director will reach out to you to schedule a pre-interview conversation with you and Pais Founder and Global Director, Paul Gibbs.
  • Step 2 | Pre-interview
    We’ll establish a connection, and ask some questions to get to know you. We will inform you about the process and what is expected in the role.
    After we do the pre-interview, we will contact your references.
  • Step 3 | Additional Information
    You’ll complete a research activity involving our documentary Spirit of a Pioneer, a Pais book of your choice and an assessment form here.
  • Step 4 | Interview
    Based on what you’ve learned about Pais, and what we’ve learned about you, we will have a final interview to determine if you meet the 4 C’s (Chemistry, Character, Competency and Commitment).
  • Step 5 | Decision
    We will do an analysis of the application and interview process and contact you about our decision.

Please contact for any questions!