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Currently this nation is being led by our Regional Directors. Pais is seeking a couple to lead the Pais Apprenticeship program in Australia and New Zealand. The successful applicants will take on an already established Pais Nation and will offer support as the Directors spearhead on the growth of the apprenticeship program. The role is based in Australia and is full-time. For more information about this role, click here.

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“I came to serve God and He showed me more of who He created me to be!”

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When the first missionaries came to New Zealand they found a people ready and open to the gospel. Soon these new Christians were setting examples of love, mercy and peace. Now with church attendance and faith in decline we are looking for another awakening to come to this land of hungry hearts. This is a land where Hobbits can be heroes and “Even the smallest person can change the course of History” (Tolkien). So if you have a heart for an epic adventure come and join the Fellowship of the King in Middle Earth, New Zealand!

Known as Godzone (God’s own) because of its natural beauty New Zealand is also known for its Maori culture, rugby and adventure tourism. It was the last major land mass to be settled, is the first to see the sun, and thanks to the Lord of the Rings films is known as Middle Earth. It’s Maori name “Aotearoa” is usually translated “land of the long white cloud” but can also be translated “long bright world” or “land of abiding day”. It is a land of youth and potential, renewal and innovation, energy and life.

Pais New Zealand is a place where you won’t just learn, you’ll do, where you won’t just impact, you’ll impart, where you won’t just run programs, you’ll create movements. This a place to go beyond contact to connection and beyond numbers to names. If a journey begins with a step then a conversation begins with a word so send word of your interest by applying and lets start a conversation about the possibilities. Maybe New Zealand can be not only a doorway to the Pacific, but also a Gateway to your World.

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