Pais to Host Night of Music and Inspiration

19th January 2018

On Friday, 16th February, Rachel Gardner will be joining Pais GB for Swap Night 2018! Rachel is the Relationship Lead at Youthscape, responsible for exploring and developing fresh ways to engage young people in safe and healthy relationships.

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Pais to Host Annual Swap Conference

19th January 2018

Have you ever heard of ‘Haverim?’ This ancient Hebrew method Jesus used to study the Scriptures with His disciples is the same method Pais teams are using with young people throughout the nation and they love it!

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The Masterclass Suite Tour Commences

17th January 2018

February 2018 sees the start of the Masterclass Tour of New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Paul Gibbs, Founding Director of Pais Movement global missionary organization will be presenting half-day training events designed to equip, mobilise and encourage participants in revolutionary methods of MISSION, DISCIPLESHIP, and STUDY.

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New trilogy of books challenges Kingdom living

8th December 2017

Ask better questions if you need better answers.

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Pais pioneers in its 2nd Oceanic country!

9th November 2017

The Pais Movement announces a new pioneering work in New Zealand which now takes their expansion into 14 nations on 6 continents.

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The Masterclass Suite appoints its 1st Licensed Trainer!

6th September 2017

This October ‘The Masterclass Suite’ has licensed Pete Baker, National Director of the Pais Movement in Great Britain as their first official trainer.

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Revolutionary Masterclass training teaches how to think not what to think!

19th June 2017

The Pais Movement, an international missions organization, has officially launched The Masterclass Suite of revolutionary style training in Mission, Discipleship and Study. The Masterclass Suite was born from the desire to equip, mobilize and encourage participants in how to think, not what to think, and is available in any location worldwide. Three half-day specialized training events offer advanced Biblical perspective, revolutionary templates and specific skill development in each of the aforementioned areas.

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A simple hashtag joins 1000’s in a Worldwide Bible Study!

3rd April 2017

ARLINGTON, TX –  Pais Movement will provide a resource to help thousands of small groups study the Bible. Over six continents, believers and nonbelievers alike are invited by the Pais Movement to participate in a two-part simultaneous study and share their findings on social media using #globalhaverim. The event will commence on March 27, 2017 and conclude on April 10, 2017.

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The Pais Movement to facilitate Global Bible Study!

3rd February 2017

The Pais Movement will facilitate a global Bible study by providing free resources to help thousands of small groups all over the world study the Bible together. Starting 27th March 2017, believers and non-believers alike are invited by the Pais Movement to participate in a two-part, two-week study entitled ‘Gethsemane: What If God’s Will is Not Yours?’ in the form of Haverim Devotions.

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Pais England Host a Free Evening of Worship with Phillipa Hanna

2nd December 2016

On Tuesday 14th February 2017 Pais England will present Swap Night 2017, a free evening of music and entertainment for the whole community with special guest Philippa Hanna! This will take place at the new, state-of-the-art Life Church building on Sycamore Avenue in Burnley.

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Pais England holds annual SWAP Conference: Connect, Collaborate, Create!

22nd November 2016

From Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th February 2017, Pais England, part of Pais Movement Global Missionary Organization, will be holding their annual SWAP conference in Burnley, Lancashire. The SWAP conference exists to discuss the Pais distinctive approaches to Mission, Discipleship and Study over a 3 day period.

The conference exists to connect like-minded people such as youth pastors and church leaders. In addition to inspirational keynote sessions by Paul Gibbs, Founding Director of the Pais Movement, there will be time for collaboration to sharpen ideas, discussion of practical implications for community outreach and the opportunity to create new ideas that will inspire attendees.

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Because You’re Loved week 2016 to hit British schools

16th October 2016

On the evening of 16th October, Hope Revolution and Pais England will launch a special week of Because You’re Loved mission projects in schools throughout the UK in order to show young people God’s love and to help them to share that love with others. 

Both HOPE Revolution and Pais Movement work to empower a generation of young people to actively and creatively share their faith in their schools and with the world around them.

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Pais Honors the ‘Original Pastor’.

1st August 2016

In August 2016, Harry and Henny Letson will be flown, at the expense of Pais, from Manchester, UK to Dallas, USA for an ‘Honor Tour’. The aim is to pay respect to them both as the original Pastors who encouraged and supported the vision of Pais Founder, Paul Gibbs, in 1988. Harry Letson pastored Sharon Church which hosted the first Pais team in 1992. The tour will include time with various Pais teams and staff, a retreat for the Letsons and the occasional speaking event.

Three Pais organizations are contributing to finance the tour; Pais Global, Pais USA and Pais England.

A Pais spokesman states, “The main aim of tour will be to help the Letsons get a glimpse into the extent of growth that Pais has experienced since its beginnings over 20 years ago”. Harry Letson will share teaching with both Pais apprentices, staff and speak to a church that is the home of The Pais Global team.

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Pais creates the ‘Springhut Prize’

9th June 2016

In honor of André Springhut the Founder of The Pais Movement in Germany, a new prize for ‘Game-Changing Entrepreneurship’ will now be awarded by The Pais Movement. A cash prize will be given to members of Pais who create a major or significant step forward for the movement.

Mr Springhut’s biggest achievement in his role has been to work with the government of his nation in order to make Pais apprenticeships a recognized and respected mission year. In May 2016, he was the first person to receive this cash prize for ‘Game-changing Entrepreneurship in Recruitment’. It is estimated that more Germans have joined Pais because of his work than from any other nation.

In the 2016, Mr Springhut handed over the Directorship of Pais in Germany to Jan and Verana Thomsen. He continues to work with Pais in a new role bringing expertise and consultation to the organization.

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